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Scope of Practice (LNA)

I. An LNA shall, with or without compensation or personal profit, practice under the supervision of an RN, APRN, or LPN.

II. An LNA is responsible for competency in the nursing assistant curriculum approved by the board. LNAs are authorized to administer medication when they hold a currently valid certificate of medication administration and under the circumstances established by the board through rules adopted pursuant to RSA 541-A.

III. Following successful completion of the curriculum, a nursing assistant shall be able to:

(a) Form a relationship, communicate, and interact effectively with individuals and groups.

(b) Demonstrate comprehension related to individuals' emotional, mental, physical, and social health needs through skillful, direct nursing-related activities.

(c) Assist individuals to attain and maintain functional independence in a home or health care facility.

(d) Exhibit behaviors supporting and promoting care recipients' rights.

(e) Demonstrate observational and documenting skills required for reporting of people's health, safety, welfare, physical and mental condition, and general well-being.

(f) Provide safe nursing-related activities under the supervision of an RN or an LPN.

IV. LNAs may perform tasks not addressed in the basic curriculum required for licensure if they obtain additional training in the performance of such tasks through programs approved by the board. Additional tasks may be delegated provided:

(a) The task has been properly delegated to the nursing assistant by the supervising licensed nurse pursuant to RSA 326-B:28.

(b) The task has not been made exempt from nursing assistant practice.

(c) The policies of the employing health care facility allow the delegation of the task to an LNA.

V. Any expansion of the scope of practice shall be adopted by legislation in accordance with RSA 332-G:6.

Source. 2005, 293:1. 2009, 54:4, eff. July 21, 2009.

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