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Identify options and implications of your decision

  • The responsibility/task is specifically not prohibited by the New Hampshire Board of Nursing (NHBON) laws and rules

If you believe that you can provide safe patient care based upon your current knowledge base, or with additional education and skill practice, you may be ready to accept this new responsibility.
You will then be ethically and legally responsible for performing this new procedure at an acceptable level of competence.

If you believe you will be unable to perform the new task competently, then further discussion with the nurse manager is necessary.

At this point, you may also ask to consult with the next level of management, nurse executive, or the Board of Nursing so that you can discuss various perspectives regarding this issue.

  • It is important that you continue to assess whether this is an isolated situation just affecting you, or whether there are broader implications.

Is this procedure new to you, but other nurses in the organization with similar patient populations are already performing this procedure?

To what do you relate your reluctance to accept this responsibility?

Is it a workload issue or is it a competence issue?

  • At this point, it is important for you to be aware of the legal rights of your employer. Even though you may have legitimate concerns for patient safety and your own legal accountability in providing competent care, your employer may be able to expect you to perform the task. Both you and the employer share responsibility in making this determination and you need to be open to alternatives.
  • Consider resources that you can use for information and support, such as your professional organization, national publications, standards of practice that apply to that specific area of practice and the New Hampshire Nurse Practice Act.

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