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Clarify what it is you are being asked to do

Gather facts that may influence the decision

  • Are there written policies/procedures available to describe how and under what circumstances you will perform this task?
  • Does the new responsibility require professional judgment or simply the acquisition of a new skill?
  • Is this a new expectation for all RNs, LPNs?
  • Has this been done before by others in your unit or facility?
  • Is it just new to you?
  • What about the other facilities in your community or region?
  • What are the nurse managers’ expectations about you or other nurses becoming responsible for this procedure?
  • When will this become effective?
  • Will there be an opportunity to help you attain the needed clinical competency?
  • Who will be responsible for the initial supervision and evaluation of this newly performed task?
  • Will you be given additional time to learn the skill if you need it?

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