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Frequently Asked Questions

To practice nursing in New Hampshire, you must hold an active NH license or a multi-state license from another compact state. This law applies to all nurses practicing in NH, regardless of how long they practice here. This means that if you are a nurse licensed in a state that is not a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact, you will need to obtain a NH nursing license and you will need to begin the application process in time to be licensed before your camp employment begins. As part of the licensing procedure you will need to have a criminal background check completed, which involves sending a notarized form to the NH State Police and having the NH State Police send a report to the Board of Nursing. Plan ahead!

What is the time commitment you are agreeing to?

Think about what time commitments you can make and realistically continue to maintain sound nursing judgment. What exactly are the hours that you are on duty? Are the terms of your employment clear about exactly when you are and are not responsible for the well being of the campers?

Keep in mind the following definitions of "Registered nursing" and "Practical nursing" that are in the rules of the Board of nursing. You are held to these definitions in your practice regardless of the conditions of employment that you agree to. Review whatever definition applies to your license, and consider carefully whether you can act as a Registered or Practical nurse given the time commitments you are making to the camp:

Nur 101.06 "Practical nursing" means "practical nursing" as defined by the statute RSA 326-B:2, XVI. Review the definition in the statute which is found at:

Nur 101.08 "Registered nursing" means "registered nursing" as defined in the statute RSA 326-B:2, XVIII. Review the definition in the statute which is found at:

Will the camp be hiring anyone else to assist you? Or will the camp be expecting other camp personnel to perform client care? If either of these are the case, are the terms of your employment clear about whether you are required to supervise non-nursing personnel? Be sure to review the Board of Nursing's regulations about delegation, Nur 404. There are several factors to be taken into consideration when delegating tasks of client care to unlicensed personnel, and you need to know them and be comfortable that you can abide by them before you make a commitment to supervise unlicensed personnel.

Camps in NH are governed by a set of administrative rules written by the Department of Environmental Services. These rules govern everything from the requirements of health care staffing to locking of medications not in use, as well as dish washing, toilet facilities and safety considerations.

For further information you can contact one of a DES official who works with camp regulation at (603) 271-2542. Since the camp must abide by these rules in order to maintain their own license, the camp will obviously need you to abide by these rules. Therefore you must know the rules and be comfortable abiding by them before you agree to employment.

The New Hampshire Board of Pharmacy advises you to direct questions relative to state and federal drug laws to the Board of Pharmacy by calling (603) 271-2350 and asking to speak to a compliance inspector.

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