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Contact Us by Staff

Denise Nies MSN, RN, BC, Executive Director
(603) 271-0741
[email protected]
Debbie Hoos, Licensure Clerk (LNA)
(603) 271-0284
[email protected]
Carol Brody, MSN, Ed., RN
Program Specialist IV

(603) 271-8282
[email protected]

Paige Relf, Program Assistant I
RN/LPN NCLEX Licensing Clerk
(603) 271-7809
[email protected]
Kim Cicchetto, Program Assistant II
(603) 271-6604
[email protected]
Joann Seaward, Licensure Clerk (LNA)
(603) 271-3974
[email protected]
Linda Clark, Licensure Clerk
(603) 271-0282
[email protected]
Jamie Stevens, Nursing Supervisor
(603) 271-6788
[email protected]
Jacqueline Tinsley, Licensure Clerk
(603) 271-6349
[email protected]
Kimberly Stevenson, Clerk III
(603) 271-0283
[email protected]
Laurel O'Connor, Attorney
Discipline Counsel

(603) 271-3824
[email protected]
Sarah Howlett, RN
Paralegal I
[email protected]

New Hampshire Board of Nursing
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