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The bestseller report compiled monthly by NLS combines information taken from the bestseller lists of the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. Bestsellers are included in the report when they appear on one of the above bestseller lists for a month or more.

The acronyms used for newspapers and book clubs in the NLS bestseller report are

LAT - Los Angeles Times
NYT - New York Times
WP - Washington Post

The December 2015 Bestsellers List


Fiction Bestsellers

After You Moyes, Jojo LAT/NYT BR
Avenue of Mysteries Irving, John LAT DB
Bazaar of Bad Dreams, The King, Stephen WP/NYT DB
Clasp, The Crosley, Sloane LAT DB
Come Rain or Come Shine Karon, Jan WP/NYT BR 21248
Cross Justice Patterson, James WP/NYT DB 82920
Depraved Heart Cornwell, Patricia NYT DB/BR
Did You Ever Have a Family Clegg, Bill LAT DB 82942
English Spy, The Silva, Daniel WP/LAT/NYT DB 82927
Eve Young, William Paul NYT DB/BR
Guilty, The Baldacci, David WP/LAT/NYT DB 83064
Japanese Lover, The Allende, Isabel LAT DB
Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, A Martin, George R.R. WP/LAT/NYT BR 21258
Magic Strings of Frankie Presto, The Albom, Mitch NYT DB/BR
Manual for Cleaning Women, A Berlin, Lucia LAT DB
Promise, The Crais, Robert LAT DB
Rogue Lawyer Grisham, John WP/LAT/NYT BR 21266
Secondhand Souls Moore, Christopher LAT DB 82933
See Me Sparks, Nicholas WP/LAT/NYT BR
Seveneves Stephenson, Neal WP/LAT/NYT DB 83040
Slade House Mitchell, David LAT BR
Stars of Fortune roberts, Nora WP/NYT DB
Story of the Lost Child, The Ferrante, Elena NYT DB
Survivor, The Flynn, Vince WP/LAT/NYT DB
Tom Clancy: Commander in Chief Greaney, Mark WP/NYT On order
Tricky Twenty-Two Evanovich, Janet WP/NYT DB 82845
Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights Rushdie, Salman LAT BR 21260
Welcome to Night Vale Fink, Joseph LAT DB
Willow Brook Road Woods, Sherryl WP/NYT DB
Wishes for Christmas Michaels, Fern WP/NYT DB
Woman Who Walked in Sunshine, The Smith, Alexander McCall LAT DB
Wyoming Rugged Palmer, Diana NYT DB

Nonfiction Bestsellers

Ally Oren, Michael B. WP On order
Art of Memoir, The Karr, Mary LAT/NYT DB 83095
Binge Oakley, Tyler LAT/NYT DB
Boys in the Trees Simon, Carly NYT On order
Crippled America Trump, Donald J. NYT On order
Destiny and Power Meacham, Jon WP/LAT/NYT DB 82900
Devil's Chessboard Talbot, David LAT On order
Exceptional Cheney, Dick WP/NYT DB
Full Life, A Carter, Jimmy LAT/NYT DB
Furiously Happy Lawson, Jenny LAT/NYT DB/BR
Government Zero Savage, Michael WP/NYT DB 83065
Gratitude Sacks, Oliver LAT DB 83149
Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl Brownstein, Carrie LAT DB 83005
I'll Never Write My Memoirs Jones, Grace LAT DB
Killing Reagan O'Reilly, Bill WP/NYT DB
Lafayette in the Somewhat United States Vowell, Sarah LAT DB/BR
Last Love Song, The Daugherty, Tracy LAT DB
Last of the President's Men, The Woodward, Bob LAT DB
Lights Out Koppel, Ted LAT/NYT DB 83001
My Fight/Your Fight Rousey, Ronda NYT/LAT DB 83042
My Life on the Road Steinem, Gloria LAT/NYT DB 83003
Neurotribes Silberman, Steve NYT DB 82931
Notorious RBG Carmon, Irin WP/LAT/NYT DB
Pacific Winchester, Simon LAT On order
Paradise of the Pacific Moore, Susanna LAT DB
Rosemary Larson, Kate Clifford NYT DB
S.P.Q.R. Beard, Mary LAT/NYT DB
Sidewalking Ulin, David L. LAT DB/BR
Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates Kilmeade, Brian WP/LAT/NYT On order
Time for Truth, A Cruz, Ted NYT DB
Troublemaker Remini. Leah NYT DB 83072
Witches, The Schiff, Stacy WP/LAT/NYT DB 83010
Year of Yes Rhimes, Shonda LAT DB

Key to Status   Status Meaning
On Order   The book has been ordered and is under consideration for addition to the collection.
BR and/or DB with no number   The book has been selected for inclusion in the collection and the media for production has been determined: BR denotes braille, DB denotes digital audio
BR and/orDB with a number   The book has been assigned to a producer and the book is on the current copy allotment list or will be on the next copy allotment list. Numbered books on this list will not appear on the next bestseller list.
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