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For the Public - Government Document Depositories - Shipping List of State Publications - no. 453 October 31, 2011

This Monthly Shipping List contains titles of New Hampshire publications accompanying this list (titles in bold print) and titles of New Hampshire publications sent to Depository Libraries in previous weekly shipments in this month.

New monographs and new serials are indicated by the symbol NT before the Dewey Classification number. OCLC number and Dewey Classification number assigned by the State Library for its collection are provided. Ephemeral materials which are not cataloged on OCLC are indicated with an E at the end of the entry.


N.H. Agriculture, Markets & Food Department. Division of Agricultural Development. Weekly market bulletin, Vol. 90, no. 32-34, October 5-19, 2011 (3 nos.). 630.5 W387 OCLC# 3959749

N.H. Employment Security Department. New Hampshire occupational employment and wages, 2011 (1 no.). 331.2 N533 OCLC# 44454308

N.H. Employment Security Department. Administrative Office. News release, October 18, 2011 (1 no.). 331.112 N532nr OCLC# 33259126

N.H. General Court. House of Representatives. House record: calendar and journal of the ... session, Vol. 33, no. 61-65, September 29-October 21, 2011 (5 nos.). 328.7 N533ad OCLC# 3427221

N.H. General Court. Office of Legislative Services. Division of Administrative Rules. New Hampshire rulemaking register, Vol. 31, no. 40-42, October 6-20, 2011 (3 nos.). 353.9742 N5326n OCLC# 10810576

N.H. General Court. Senate. Legislative senate calendar: meetings and notices, [Vol. 88], no. 40-43, September 29-October 20, 2011 (4 nos.). 328.7 N533ad OCLC# 12569373N.H. Hospital. Annual report, 362.2 N533 OCLC# 20112498

N.H. Hospital. Annual report. 362.2 N533 OCLC# 20112498

N.H. Transportation Department. On the move, Fall 2011 (1 no.). 625.7 N5325on OCLC# 42383662

N.H. University of New Hampshire. Alumni Association. University of New Hampshire magazine, Vol. 14, no. 1, Fall 2011 (1 no.). 630.7 N533aLm OCLC# 40949237

Integrating Resources

N.H. Health and Human Services Department. Division of Family Assistance. Family Services Office.. Food stamp manual updates, October 14, 2011 (1 no.). 2011. 362.5 N5312a OCLC# 39359325

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