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For Librarians - About NH Libraries - Granite State Libraries - April/May/June 2001, Vol.37, No.2
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by Eleanor O'Donnell

Adamowicz, Joe. HIKING THE MONADNOCK REGION. 2nd ed. New England Cartographics. 2000. $12.95 ISBN 1-889787-07-8
A guide to 30 nature walks and short hikes in southwestern New Hampshire.

Bessette, Alan E. WILDFLOWERS OF MAINE, NEW HAMPSHIRE, AND VERMONT IN COLOR. Syracuse University Press. 2000 $59.95 ISBN 0-8156-2803-X
This field guide to identifying unfamiliar wildflowers is arranged by color of the flowers. Color photographs are complimented by information about species, flowering season, structure of plant and habitat.

Bunker, Dusty. ONE DEADLY RHYME. Writer's Showcase. Order from author, 236 Middle Road, Brentwood, N.H. 03833; e-mail dustybunker@mindspring.com. 2000 $15.95 ISBN 0-595-10063
The first in the Number Mysteries series set in New Hampshire. A syndicated numerologist is challenged by a deranged rhyme-chanting killer to solve a number code before he kills again. The author, an internationally recognized numerologist, lives in Brentwood, N.H.

Decker, Anne Page. OUR VOICES, OUR TOWN: HISTORY OF NEW LONDON, 1950-2000. Town of New London, Town Offices, New London, N.H. 03257, tele. 526-4821. Deluxe slip-cased limited edition, $85.00; regular hardcover edition, $30.00.
Updates the previous history of the town by James Duane Squires.

Dickerson, Mike, editor. THE WHITE MOUNTAIN READER. Bondcliff books. 2000 $21.95 ISBN 0-9657475-8-1
Anthology of writings which together tell the history of the White Mountain region. Read about the earliest explorations, the tragic Crawford Notch landslide of 1826, and the settlers Ethan Allen Crawford, and Hayes and Dolly Copp.

Fox, Helen Gertrude. LOOK FOR A LETTER TOMORROW: A COLLEGE GIRL'S LIFE 100 YEARS AGO. Freedom Press Associates. 2000 $18.00 ISBN 0-945069-10-3
Helen Fox from Milton Mills, N.H. attended Wellesley College from 1900 through 1904. During that time she wrote over four hundred letters home to her family. Her daughter, Margaret Carmichael Emerson, also a graduate of Wellesley, has edited these letters, which portray a college girl's life at the turn of the century.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. THE LIFE OF FRANKLIN PIERCE. Published by Peter E. Randall. Order from the Franklin Pierce Project, K. A. Brett School, 881 Tamworth Road, Tamworth, N.H. 03886. Make check payable to Tamworth School District. 2000 $19.95, plus $4.00 shipping and handling. ISBN 0-9144339-93-1
The re-publication of Hawthorne's 1852 biography of Franklin Pierce evolved from a class project by the 8th grade class of the Kenneth A. Brett School. Obtaining a photocopy of the original work from the State Library, the students collected material to illustrate the book, and included Franklin Pierce and Nathaniel Hawthorne chronologies.

Henderson, John J. INCOMPARABLE SCENERY: COMPARATIVE VIEWS IN THE WHITE MOUNTAINS. Glen-Bartlett Publishing Company, 1999. $9.95
Catalog of a 1999 exhibition of 25 landscape paintings of White Mountain scenes by 14 artists at the Belknap Mill Society in Laconia. Includes biographical material on the artists.


Heald, Bruce D. STEREOSCOPIC VIEWS OF THE WHITE MOUNTAINS. 2000 $18,99 ISBN 0-7385-0488-2

Ricker, Sarah. MILTON AND THE NEW HAMPSHIRE FARM MUSEUM. 1999 $18.00 ISBN 0-7524-1267-1

Joslin, Richard. SYLVESTER MARSH AND THE COG RAILWAY. Bondcliff Books. 2000 $7.95
The extraordinary life, career, and inventions of Sylvester Marsh, the man behind the Mount Washington Cog railway, is summarized in this booklet, written by his great-grandson.

Lathem, Edward Connery, compiler. WHO'S WHO AND WHAT'S WHAT IN THE BOOKS OF DR. SEUSS. Dartmouth College. 2000. Price unknown.
An alphabetic index from "A" to "zzZ" of words, characters, and phrases to be found in the books of Dr. Seuss, who, as Theodore Geisel, graduated from Dartmouth in 1925.

Leitch, Jeffrey R. OVER THE HEADWALL: A SHORT HISTORY OF SKIING IN TUCKERMAN RAVINE. New England Ski Museum, Franconia, N.H. 1999 $9.00
This booklet was prepared for an exhibit at the New England Ski Museum in Franconia. Illustrated with photographs of early skiers on Mount Washington.

Compilation of photographs selected from other books in the Images of America series.

Older, Julia. HERMAPHRODITUS IN AMERICA. Appledore Books. 2000 $16.00 ISBN 0-9627162-9-4
Older's book-length poem takes us on an odyssey, following Hermaphroditus' male and female counterparts, as they explore American culture from Wall Street and the Wild West to religious cults and sexual frontiers.

Pinder, Eric. TYING DOWN THE WIND: ADVENTURES IN THE WORSE WEATHER ON EARTH. Jeremy P. Tarcher/Putnam. 2000 $24.95 ISBN 1-58542-060-3
Pinder, using his experiences as a certified observer at Mount Washington Observatory, explains what triggers changes in the weather; how tornadoes, thunderstorms, heat waves and blizzards are all related; allows you to experience the world's worst weather in various locations. The dynamics of wind or weather remains the same no matter the season.

Sherman, Steve. PRIMARY CRIME. Appledore Books. 2000 $5.99 ISBN 0-9627162-7-8
A murder mystery set in the Granite State during the New Hampshire Primary race.

Smith, Steven D. SNOWSHOE HIKES IN THE WHITE MOUNTAINS. Bondcliff Books. 2000 $19.95 ISBN 1-932171-00-3
The first guide on snowshoeing in the White Mountains describes over 100 day trips, including information on trailhead parking, trail descriptions, local history and topographic maps.

Speare, Eva. NEW HAMPSHIRE FOLKTALES. Order from Fort No. 4, P.O. Box 1336, Charlestown, N.H. 03603. 1998 Reprint. $15.95, plus $4.00 shopping and handling. ISBN 0-9622471-1-1

Speare, Eva. STORIES OF NEW HAMPSHIRE. Published by Fort No. 4. 2000 Reprint 2000 $14.50, plus $4.00 shipping and handling. ISBN 0-912274-54-9
Eva Speare's weekly newspaper columns in The Union Leader, were collected in Stories of New Hampshire, first published in 1975. This popular work and her New Hampshire Folktales have been reprinted by The Fort No. 4 in paperback on archival paper.

Thompson, Judith R. A STITCH IN TIME. Published by iuniverse.com. 2001 $12.95 ISBN 0-595-16922-1
Adventure story with historical, spiritual and futuristic themes. Due to a pre-programming mix up, two girls are sent to earth to the wrong parents and era. A dyslexic guardian angel helps them overcome many obstacles as they travel through time spanning the years 1891 through 2061. The author is a resident of New Hampshire.

Titus, Donna Marion, editor. BY THIS WING: LETTERS BY CELIA THAXTER TO BRADFORD TORREY ABOUT BIRDS AT THE ISLES OF SHOALS 1888-1894. J. Palmer, Publisher. 46 South Mammoth Road, Manchester, N.H. 03109. ISBN 0-9676390-0-X
Celia Thaxter sent a wing from a dead bird to ornithologist, Bradford Torrey, in 1888, asking him to identify the bird. Thus began a correspondence between them, which lasted until Thaxter's death in 1984. The letters are published here for the first time.

Topalian, Naomi G. BRAKING THE ROCK OF TRADITION: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY. Order from Naomi G. Topalian, 46 Circle Road, Lexington MA 02420. 2000 $29.95, plus $3.00 shipping and handling.
The author, born in an Armenian refugee camp in Beirut, writes about her childhood, her education in Armenian schools, her training in the American University of Beirut nursing program. After emigrating to America as a young woman, she became a successful teacher, a registered nurse and a writer. Her story gives insight into an Armenian woman immigrant's experience. She is a long-time summer resident of Moultonborough, which she wrote about in People, Places and Moultonborough.

UNDER THE BRIDGE: STORIES & POEMS BY MANCHESTER'S HOMELESS. Published by Notre Dame College. 2000 Can be ordered from Under the Bridge Project, The Way Home, 20 Merrimack Street, Suite 8, Manchester, N.H. 03101 $10.00
These poems and stories were collected by Cindy Carlson, homeless outreach person for Americorp's Under the Bridge Project. This collection gives us a look into their daily lives and helps us to understand the issue of homelessness.

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