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For Librarians - About NH Libraries - Granite State Libraries - December 1997, Vol. 33, No.6
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In planning your program of library exhibits for the 1997-98 academic year, you might be interested in our exhibit, Censorship in Public Colleges and Universities.

Combining a history of challenges to academic freedom with censorship of the college press, the Long Island Coalition Against Censorship has developed a new exhibit, Censorship in Public Colleges and Universities.

The exhibit begins with McCarthyism in the 1950s and describes two of the most significant cases of college censorship that occurred during that period. Following are illustrations and descriptions of censorship of student organizations, guest speakers, and art and theater programs. Among the eleven incidents is a recent case charging a faculty member with sexual discrimination in the classroom. U.S. Supreme Court and lower court decisions are documented.

The second part of the exhibit focuses on censorship of the college press from the early 1960s to the present. Using resources from the Student Press Law Center, the college press archives, and college libraries, the exhibit presents a variety of incidents of censorship by administrators and students (including the alarming trend of censorship by newspaper theft). The efforts of many campus newspapers to protect their First Amendment rights are recorded. In this part of the exhibit twelve incidents of censorship of the student press are detailed. Federal and state court decisions are cited.

We have been able to reproduce quality color copies of the illustrations and pertinent description of each censorship incident. There are 23 illustrations (21 are in color) that are 11" x 14" and each one is accompanied by text material that is 11" x 14" (8«" x 11" available on request). The exhibit may be readily displayed on poster boards and retained for reference purposes. The cost including mailing charges if $48.00. A purchase order or a letter requesting the exhibit to the address given is acceptable: Donald Parker, Co-coordinator, Long Island Coalition Against Censorship, P.O. Box 296, Pt. Washington, N.Y. 11050, tele. (516) 944-9799.

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