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About Us - Publications - New Hampshire Interlibrary Loan Protocol Manual 1999 - Part III

The New Hampshire Automated Information System (NHAIS) provides the means to locate materials and to make interlibrary loan (ILL) requests electronically. There are a variety of methods for delivering interlibrary loaned materials. Getting needed materials to library users in a timely and cost effective manner are major goals of any delivery system.

Van Delivery

To expedite the delivery of interlibrary loans statewide two library delivery systems exist in New Hampshire. One delivery system is operated by the N.H. State Library and provides service primarily to public and school libraries. The other system is operated under the auspices of the New Hampshire College and University Council (NHCUC) and serves the four-year colleges in the State. The State Library contributes to the operation of the NHCUC van and serves as the transfer point for materials sent between the college libraries and public and school libraries.

Libraries using the State Van Delivery system do not incur any delivery charges.

The Reference and Information Services Section of the NHSL administers the State Library Van Delivery System. Routes are reviewed annually.

Electronic Transfer

Document delivery technology is rapidly evolving and is becoming more widely available in libraries throughout New Hampshire. Libraries capable of sending requested materials via document delivery technology such as telefacsimile and e-mail are encouraged to do so when possible.

N.H. State Library Van Delivery Service

The purpose of the van delivery service is to support and expedite the sharing of resources among New Hampshire's libraries made possible by NHAIS's statewide union catalog. In addition, libraries can use the service to send memos, reports, gifts etc. to other libraries.

Occasionally the van service is used to deliver materials of interest to libraries on behalf of government agencies, non-profit organizations, and various other associations and organizations. Agencies and organizations must first secure permission from the State Library.

Van Delivery Schedule

A Van Delivery Service Directory will be published in July of each year and a copy will be sent to all libraries. When you receive a new copy, please discard last year's edition.

Libraries will be notified via the NHAIS Listserv of any changes to the directory. Please write in these changes on the library's copy. The changes will be incorporated into the next edition.


The following guidelines should be followed when using the N.H. State Library Van Delivery Service.

1. Types of Material - The Van Service will accept books, videos, cassettes, films, envelopes of all sizes and boxes.* To send any other type of material, please contact the supervisor of Reference and Information Services at the State Library.

*If the box does not fit in the bin, the library is asked to notify the State Library in advance that there will be an extra box(es) to pick up. To make such a notification, call the Circulation Desk at the State Library (800-499-1232, press 2).

2. Bins - In order to expedite the delivery of materials, each library has two bins labeled with the library's name. One bin is supplied by the State Library and each library is asked to purchase the second bin from the State Library.

When making a delivery, the van driver drops off one bin containing the materials being sent to the library and picks up the second bin containing the materials being sent to other libraries.

Prior to the arrival of the van, libraries are asked to place the bin out as close to the entrance of the building as possible.

There are exceptions to the two bin requirement. For example, if materials are placed outside the library in a box which is too small for a bin to fit in, the requirement may be waived.

3. Addressing Material to Be Sent on the Van - To ensure that the material is sent to its proper destination, it is important to address the material correctly. Please follow these instructions.

Routing Slip

Use a routing slip, which is at least 2 inches wide and 11 inches long. The State Library does not provide these slips. A sample sheet of these slips appears in Appendix F. A library may use this as a master copy by typing the library name under the "FROM:" section and making photocopies of it.

The following information should be placed on the routing slip in this order (see sample of routing slip in Appendix F).

TO: Town - Enter the name of the town in which the receiving library is located. Please do not abbreviate the name of the town. This may cause confusion (e.g. N. Hampton - is this North Hampton or New Hampton). It is important to include the town to assure proper delivery. For example there is a Weeks Library in Greenland and one in Lancaster.

Library - Enter the name of the library being sent the material.
Abbreviations such as PL for public library and HS for high school may be used.

Drop-Off Library - If the material is being sent to a library which receives its materials at another library, enter "FOR" followed by the name of the library to which the material is being sent.
For example, if material is being sent to Stephenson Memorial Library, Greenfield via the Peterborough Town Library, the routing slip should be addressed as follows:

Town: Peterborough
Library: Peterborough Town Library
For: Stephenson Memorial Library, Greenfield

FROM - Enter the name of the library which is sending the material, followed by the name of the town if it is not evident in the name of the library.

DATE - Enter the date that the material is being sent.

Lending/Returning - Place a check mark next to the appropriate box to indicate whether you are lending the book to the library or returning the book which your library had borrowed.

Initials - The staff member who is processing the book should enter her/his initials.

Message - The bottom of the routing slip can be used to enter a message, special instructions, etc.

4. Special Address Instructions for the N.H. State Library - When sending materials to the State Library, please include the section to which the material is being sent (Electronic & Government Resources, Fiscal and Administrative Services, Library Development Services, Library Services to Persons with Disabilities, NHAIS Services, Reference and Information Services, and Technical Services). The "To" part of the address should read as follows:

Town: Concord
Library: NH State Library (or NHSL)
NHAIS Services

4. Packaging of the Material - Material (books, envelopes, videos, cassettes, etc) are placed into open bins which are transferred from and to a van. Material that is picked up is sorted at the State Library and then placed into the appropriate bin. To ensure that the material arrives at its proper destination in good condition, libraries are asked to package the materials in the following manner.

Books - The routing slip should be placed in approximately the middle of the book with the top portion of the slip containing the TO: address showing. At a minimum, one rubber band should be placed around the book.

If the book is in poor condition, the sending library may wish to place the book in a padded bag. The routing slip should be taped onto the front of the bag.

Envelope - Write the same information (to and from addresses) on the envelope as would be placed on a routing slip. If the envelope has been used before, please cross out all old addresses. Fasten the envelope.

Video Cassettes - A routing slip should be taped to cassette case, and a rubber band should be used to keep the case closed.

Films - Routing slip should be taped to film case.

Boxes - The Box should be taped closed and routing slip should be taped to the top of the box.

Boxes should be of reasonable size and weight. A box Is considered manageable if the librarian or other staff member (with the exception of the custodian) can lift it.

Paper Bags- Please do not use paper bags to send material via the van.

NO Van Service

The Van Service does not operate on the following state holidays.

January - New Year's Day
February - President's Day
May - Memorial Day
July - Independence Day
September - Labor Day
November - Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Day after Thanksgiving
December - Christmas Day

If one of the above holidays falls on a Saturday, the van will not operate on the previous Friday. If a holiday falls on a Sunday, the van will not operate on the following Monday.

If for any other reason (e.g. bad weather) van service on a particular route(s) does not operate, libraries will be notified via an e-mail message. If your library does not receive van service on a particular day, please check your e-mail before calling the State Library.

"Lost" Material

Approximately 10,000 items are sent via the Van Service each month. A survey taken over a five-month period in 1998 identified 20 books that were reported lost. This represents about .04% of items sent on the van each month. Since the material sent via the van is not tracked (i.e. A list of items sent and received are not signed for by the library or the van driver.), it is not possible to determine who lost the book--the library sending the book, the van delivery service or the library receiving the book.

In accordance with standard ILL protocol, the borrowing library is responsible for material from the time it leaves the lending library until it is returned to that library. If the book cannot be located, regardless of the cause, then the borrowing library should reimburse the lending library for the cost of the material.

Before a book is designated as lost, the following steps should be taken.

1. The Borrowing library should place a message on the NHAIS Listserv, providing information on the title, author, call number, markings, etc. of the book which is missing and informing Ill librarians of when it was discovered missing.

2. All libraries, including the lending library and the borrowing library are asked to check their shelves for the title.

There are steps that all libraries can take to prevent a book or other material sent via the van service from being lost.

1. All libraries should make sure that all material is clearly marked with the name of the owning library.

2. All libraries should make sure that the routing slip is completed correctly.

3. If a library receives material which is addressed to another library, please place it back on the next available van.

Complaints, Questions & Comments To register complaints, ask questions or make comments, please contact the supervisor of Reference and Information Services of the State Library by telephone or e-mail.

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