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About Us - Publications - New Hampshire Interlibrary Loan Protocol Manual 1999 - Foreword

The New Hampshire Interlibrary Loan Protocol Committee was formed under the direction of State Librarian Kendall Wiggin.

The Committee was charged with the following 3 projects:

1. Assess the ILL system as it operates in the state at present and make suggestions for the future

2. Develop guidelines for the operation of the Statewide Reimbursement Program for net lenders

3. Revise the New Hampshire Interlibrary Loan Protocol Manual of 1993.

At the initial meeting in August 1997, all committee members expressed their concerns about the present Interlibrary Loan system. Committee members decided to first address the strengths and weaknesses of the current ILL system, second to develop definitions and guidelines for the reimbursement program, and third to revise the protocol manual. It was decided that all libraries in the state should be surveyed for opinions on the state of ILL and for suggestions for improvement. It was further decided to ask librarians in all libraries to disclose their ILL policies and procedures so as to facilitate proper use of the system. The results of the policies and procedures questionnaire appear in this manual as Appendix G ILL Charts.

On March 19, 1998 the committee made a formal report to the New Hampshire Automated Information System (NHAIS) Board.

This report included the following elements:

1. Assessment of current use of ILL in NH libraries

2. Recommendations for improvement of the current system

3. Recommendations for the operation of the Statewide Reimbursement Program

4. A plan for revision of the NH ILL Protocol Manual of 1993.

The draft version of the protocol manual was presented to the NHAIS Board in February 1999

The document was revised during the months of March and April.
Final acceptance of the document by the NHAIS Board occurred in May 1999.

The ILL Protocol Committee strongly recommends that this manual be updated frequently to reflect changes to policy and procedure.

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