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About Us - Publications - New Hampshire Interlibrary Loan Protocol Manual 1999 - Part IV - Appendix E


Interlibrary Loan Procedures

I. *Logon Procedures.

    A. Internet connections:
      The IP for the State Library's Lilac computer is:
      Establish your Internet telnet session to Lilac then proceed with login from the Username as below B 2).
      For information on establishing a telnet session please contact your Internet Service Provider.
      Go to main menu. At "Enter Option:" type 7 and ENTER
      Close telnet session.

    B: Modem connections: Communications settings: 8 Databits, no Parity, 1 stop bit,

    Terminal emulation: VT100

      1) Connecting

      - Dial our local (from any exchange in the state) Infopath modem pool access number 950-5048

      - Wait for the modems to "handshake." You will usually see "connect 9600" from your communications software. Wait 3 to 4 seconds before proceeding. Infopath will respond with "WELCOME TO INFOPATH PACKET SWITCHING NETWORK."

      ;- At the asterisk * type N followed by your six character network user identification (NUI) and ENTER. Pause several seconds.

      - At the next asterisk * type NHSL and ENTER several times with pauses in between until "Username:" appears on your screen.

      2) At Username: type your library's unique four character HSA cataloging code ENTER. "Password:" will appear on your screen.

      - At Password: type your six character NUI which is also your password ENTER.

      3) The Greeting screen will appear on your screen. Type 1 ENTER for the Main Menu.

      4) Disconnecting

      - Software Go to the Main Menu; at "Enter Option" type 7 and ENTER.

      - You are now disconnected from the system and "Local>" may appear on your screen. Hardware You now have to disconnect from Infopath.

      5) How you disconnect from Infopath will depend on your communications software. Usually the sequence is:

      - +++ (Some modems require ENTER others do not. Wait for the OK from the modem)

      - ATH ENTER

      NOTE: DO NOT just hang up or disconnect your modem without properly terminating your call. This can result in people logging INTO YOUR session or "hanging" up the port. If you experience a problem and can find no way out - break your phone connection, but please check with NHAIS Services at 271-2141. They may be able to help you avoid this in the future.

      II. New Hampshire Union Catalog Main Menu: After logging on, this menu will appear on your computer screen.


      1) GALAXY OPAC
      2) ILL
      5) INTERNET
      6) E-MAIL
      7) LOGOUT

      Enter Option --

      To make interlibrary loan requests press 1) GALAXY OPAC. To read your interlibrary loan files and update transactions press 2) ILL.


      - To initiate an interlibrary loan request press 1) GALAXY OPAC then ENTER.

      - This brings up the Online Public Access catalog menu.

      Welcome to the
      Online Public Access Catalog

      Command keys:

      Press R at any time to return to this screen
      Press S to search for items in the online catalog
      Press M to read the online Bulletin Board/Community Information
      Press H for more instruction

      Press a command key or press X to exit:

      Press S to search for items in the OPAC.

      This brings up the Search menu. Your search will result in one appropriate bibliographic record appearing on the screen, under the menu.

        GALAXY Interlibrary Loan

        [A] - Display/modify Request-to-Fill
        [B] - Display Status of Loaned Materials
        [C] - Cancellation Request
        [D] - Display Status of Requested Materials
        [E] - Receive ILL items
        [F] - Return items to Owning Library
        [G] - Holdings Maintenance
        [H] - Library Profile Maintenance

        Enter Option:

      [A] Display/Modify Requests-to-Fill
      This file contains all the items being requested of your library. After typing A and ENTER, type ENTER again to list all requests in the file. To work on a particular request, type the number of the request and ENTER. At the bottom of the screen, the system will ask you to choose an action in response to that title request. If you will not send the title type U for (Unfilled), if you plan to send the title today type S for (Ship), if you plan to send the item later type W for (Will Fill). (Will Fill) is useful if you plan to send an item, but need time to check the shelf, process the loan, etc. When you are ready to send the item you can change the status from W (Will Fill) to S (Ship). Or you may change the status to U (Unfilled) because the book is lost, etc. Do not leave an item in W (Will Fill) status long, because you are delaying the ILL routing process. Requests-to-Fill will remain in your library's ILL file for 3 days {includ- ing Saturday & Sunday}. After 3 days the request moves on to the next library. Please access your ILL files daily {when your library is open} to respond to requests and mini- mize delays in the ILL process. The system will automatically terminate unfilled ILL requests after 14 days. Libraries need to respond quickly so unfilled requests will move on to another library in a timely manner. App. E-3

      [B] Display Status of Loaned Materials
      This file lists all the items your library has loaned to other libraries. The current status is given for all items; indicating whether you are about to send an item (Will Fill), you have sent it (Shipped), the borrowing library has it (Received), they have sent it back (Returned), or you have received the item back (Received).

      [C] Cancellation Request
      This file allows you to cancel an ILL request you have made. Only those requests with a status of Requested can be canceled.

      [D] Display Status of Requested Materials
      This file lists all the items your library has requested from other libraries. Requests with statuses of (Requested), (Will Fill), (Shipped), (Received), and (Returned) will display.

      [E] Receive ILL items The file lists all items being sent to your library to fill a request you made (Shipped), and it also lists items being returned to you by borrowing libraries (Returned). When an item arrives at your library you need to access this file, and pull up the record for the item in hand. The system will ask if the item has been received. Type
      Y [yes] and ENTER; this will notify the system that you have received the item. If the item was (Shipped) to you on loan, the record will now go into the [F] - Return items to Owning Library. If the item was (returned) to you by a borrowing library, the record should now be cleared from the system.

      [F] Return items to Owning Library
      This file lists all items that your library has borrowed from other libraries {items with a status of (Received)}. When ready to return an item to the lending library, you need to access this file and change the status of the item to (Returned). Do this by typing the number of the record you plan to return and ENTER. The system will ask if you want to return it; type Y {yes} and ENTER. The status of the item will change to (Returned), and the item will display in file [D] - Display Status of Requested Materials {until the lending library has received the item and purged the record}.

      [G] Holdings Maintenance
      This file allows for the maintenance of holdings within the MARC record for a given library. For information on this function contact the NHAIS Services Section at the New Hampshire State Library.

      [H] Library Profile Maintenance
      This file allows you to include information about your library that is relevant to ILL users, and to arrange your lender string {Library Search Sequence} in an order that suits your needs. At the GALAXY Interlibrary Loan menu type H and ENTER. Two choices will appear on the screen; DISPLAY or MODIFY your library profile. To make any changes you need to MODIFY the library profile; otherwise you can DISPLAY your profile to view it without making changes. All interlibrary loan librarians need to access this file and MODIFY their library profile. To do so type B and ENTER. The system will prompt you to enter your library's 4-digit code. Type that code and ENTER. Your library profile will appear on the screen.

      Add/Modify Library Profile

        Library Code: NHSS
        Name: NHSL
        Address: 20 Park Street
        City: Concord
        State: NH
        Zip: 03301-6314
        Contact: Donna Gilbreth

        SCity: Van Daily

        OCLC-1: NHSS
        ILL: NHSS
        Phone: 271-2616
        Fax: 271-2205


      Policies: Yes

      Library Search: HRCC. HSYN, HSCW, HSVK, HSCZ, HSG9, HSSE,...
      Enter [S]save, [M]odify, [Q]uit:

      Libraries with color monitors will notice that each field or category of information on this screen has certain letters highlighted in a different color. To modify the information in that field you need to type the 1 or 2 letter code for the field {i.e., type N for Name} and ENTER. For those without color monitors the codes for each field are as follows:

        N = Name SA = SAddress
        A = Address SC = SCity
        C = City SS = SState
        S = State SZ = SZip
        Z = Zip  
        CO = Contact BA = BAddress
        NU = NUC BC = BCity
        O = OCLC-1 BS = BState
        OC = OCLC-2 BZ = BZip
        I = ILL  
        PH = Phone P = Policies
        F = Fax L = Library Search

      After modifying the field(s) press ENTER. The system asks you to save (S) your changes, Modify (M) your changes, or quit (Q) without making any changes. Enter one of those commands and ENTER.

      It is important for all libraries to modify their Library Search field, which is the list of lending libraries to which your request will be routed. This should be done according to the guidelines set out in the beginning of this manual. Your library neighbors, members of your cooperative network, like-type libraries should be ranked first. Smaller libraries should come before large libraries {see Part II, Section III of the ILL Protocol Manual; "Selecting a lending library"}. The State Library symbol should be placed first, making the State Library your first choice for ILL. Do not leave your search string in the preset alphabetical order; this will place undue strain on libraries at the beginning of the alphabet. To distribute the ILL burden, please follow the manual's guidelines.

      ILL Request Sequence

      1 - HRCC Wolfeboro Public 21 - HSTE Hancock Town
      2 - HSYN Wadleigh - Milford 22 - HSE9 Hampstead Public
      3 - HSCW Tracy - New London 23 - HSUW Gordon-Nash
      4 - HSGQ Sundown Public 24 - HSSW Goodwin - Farmington
      5 - HSVK Rye Public 25 - HSS7 Goffstown Public
      6 - HSCZ Richards - Newport 26 - HSEW Gilford Public
      7 - HSG9 Pillsbury - Warner 27 - HSU1 Gale - Newton
      8 - HSSE Philbrick-James - Deerfield 28 - HSHY M E Bartlett - Brentwood
      9 - HSC# Peterborough Town 29 - HSEO Epsom Public
      10 - HSGI Pease Public - Plymouth 30 - HSG1 Cook Mem - Tamworth
      11 - HSU3 North Hampton 31 - HSU% Chesley - Northwood
      12 - HRBG Newmarket 32 - HSVS Brown - Seabrook
      13 - HSHG Nesmith - Windham 33 - HSDS Bedford Public
      14 - HSFW Meredith Public 34 - HSHW Baker Free - Bow
      15 - HST3 Lebanon Public 35 - HSDG Amherst Town
      16 - HSTA Lane - Hampton 36 - HSV( Abbott - Sunapee
      17 - HSH& J E Nichols - C Harbor 37 - HSGA Blaisdell Memorial
      18 - HSCK Howe - Hanover 38 - HSC9 Somersworth Public
      19 - HSG5 Hall - Tilton 39 - HSV7 Sullivan Public
      20 - HSFG Hills - Hudson 40 - HSSI Taylor - E Derry

      Enter [A]dd, [D]elete, [M]ove, [N]ext, [P]revious, [P#]age Number:

      To move a library type M and ENTER. You are prompted to enter the current position number of the library you wish to move, then the new position number for the library. Your screen will adjust to the new placement of the library. To exit press ENTER. You will be prompted to Save, Modify, or Quit. Type in your choice and ENTER. Continue to press ENTER to back out of the ILL system.

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