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About Us - Publications - New Hampshire Interlibrary Loan Protocol Manual 1999 - Part IV - Appendix D

ALA Interlibrary Loan Form Procedures

ALA interlibrary loan forms should be used for all ILL transactions not requested by E-MAIL. This form has been designed to allow space for all information necessary to identify any specific bibliographic record. Its format is flexible enough to permit requests for nontraditional items as well. Be as complete as possible in filling out the form.

Requests should always be neatly typed or printed one title per form. Retain one sheet of the transaction record for your files. A mailing label or van routing slip should always be included as a courtesy to the lending library.

A properly completed form should include the following information

1. Date - This is the date the request is made.

2. Need before - Indicate a deadline if there is one, allowing time for delivery.

3. Notes - Use this area for special instructions or other information.

4. Call no. - Please leave blank unless you have verified the call number through the lending library's catalog. Call numbers vary among libraries.

5. Borrowing Library - Fill in your full library name and address with zip code, or van instructions.

6. Patron information - To maintain your patron's confidentiality, you may wish to use a code instead of the person's name.

Book author; OR, serial title, volume, issue, date pages; OR, Audiovisual title:

(a) Book - Supply author's full name, last name first. Indicate if author is an editor or compiler.

(b) Serial - Give complete title of serial. Please do not abbreviate (but if citation is abbreviated please don't guess at full title). Fill in volume and issue numbers, date, and page numbers where the article appears.

(c) Audio-visual - Give title of item, format, and production information.

8. Book title, edition, imprint, series; OR, Article author, title:

    (a) Book - Fill in complete title, publisher and date of publication.

    (b) Article - Give full name(s) of the author(s) of the article. Record the complete title of the article - if untitled indicate subject matter.

9. This edition only - If only the specific edition stated in the request is acceptable, then check the box marked "this edition only."

10. Verified in AND/OR, Cited in - Indicate the source of the citation, including volume, year and page if known. A bibliographic source might be Books in Print (include BIP edition, volume, and page number) or an online search (give name of database and any identifying number) or a bibliography in a book or article. If the item cannot be verified in the bibliographic tools your library owns, note the sources you have checked with negative results.

11. Lending Library - When you are borrowing directly from a library that owns the material, fill in their name and address. Leave blank if you are sending the request to the State Library.

12. Copyright Compliance - See Appendix C for copyright information.

13. Authorization - The name of the person who is authorized to request loans.

14. Type of Request and Cost - To avoid unexpected charges or delays in filling the request, indicate the maximum amount you (or your patron) are willing to pay. In most circumstances, materials will be loaned or copied within New Hampshire without charge.

15. Borrowing Library Records - Fill in when item has been received, and when item is returned. Retain a copy of this form for your records.

16. Renewals - To renew a book write the current date in this area on one sheet of the ILL form and return it to the lending library. The lending library will respond with a new due date or a denial of renewal.

The library should receive at least two copies of the completed ALA interlibrary loan form, and a mailing label or van routing slip.

A properly completed form should include the following information:

17. If the item requested is available for loan, fill in the "LENDING LIBRARY REPORT" section of the ILL form, and the "RESTRICTIONS" section if necessary. Retain one copy for your records and return remaining copies to the borrowing library inside the item loaned.

18. If the item requested is not available for loan, fill in the "NOT SENT BECAUSE" section of the ILL form and return the form to the borrowing library.

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