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About Us - Publications - New Hampshire Interlibrary Loan Protocol Manual 1999 - Part IV - Appendix A

Bibliographic Locator Tools


1. LOCAL CATALOG - All requests should be checked in the local library's catalog to determine unavailability before placing an interlibrary loan request.

2. NEW HAMPSHIRE AUTOMATED INFORMATION SYSTEM (NHAIS) - The NHAIS computer network contains bibliographic and location records for the book holdings of most New Hampshire public libraries and several high school, academic and special libraries since 1980. A few libraries have entered their entire collections into the system.

3. SPECIALIZED BIBLIOGRAPHIC TOOLS - Many libraries have access to locator tools beyond the local and statewide catalogs or databases. A major example is WORLDCAT, a bibliographic database with holdings information for libraries throughout the world.


1. NEW HAMPSHIRE STATE LIBRARY - Article Express (or other NHSL delivery Systems)

2. SPECIALIZED BIBLIOGRAPHIC LOCATOR TOOLS - Many libraries include their periodical holdings in their catalogs or databases and/or print their own lists of periodical holdings. The NH Union List of Serials is the most comprehensive list of serials holdings in the state; however, with its last revision having been in 1983, it is seriously out of date. Many specialized tools also exist. Some examples are:


B. EBSCO lists, compiled by the vendor for various geographical regions, include the holdings for libraries, which purchase their periodicals through EBSCO.

C. Internet

D. UCMP - locations for medical journals. Call the NHSL at 1-800-499-1232 to identify holdings from this tool.

If you cannot locate an item, remember that the State Library staff will assist in locating lending libraries.

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