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Barcode orders are generally filled within 10 business days and are shipped directly to the ordering library. An invoice from NHAIS Services for the full cost of your order will be sent under separate cover.

The available barcodes are codabar 14-digit barcodes printed on a matte laminate finish label (specifically a 3.7 mil top-coasted litho archival quality paper with 1 mil matte polypropylene laminate and 2 mil permanent acid-free acrylic adhesive) measuring 2" wide by 5/8" high. They are available in quantities of 1000 with a MINIMUM order of 10,000 labels. Your label order may include material barcodes, patron barcodes, or a combination of both types of barcodes.

Duplicates (2 of the same number) or singles are available with or without overprinting. Overprinting is text that appears above the barcode and it may include a MAXIMUM of 25 alphanumeric characters (including spaces). When ordering duplicate barcodes you may use different overprinting on each set of the duplicated labels.

Barcode Prices (effective through 2014)

Barcodes cost $19.75 per thousand with a minimum order of 10,000 labels.

There is a handling fee of $25.00 per order.

Effective February 12, 2014: If you want an electronic proof sheet (sample, shared with permission of the ordering library) of your barcodes generated and sent to you before your order is printed, there will be a $25 charge for this, in addition to the handling fee that applies to all orders.
This is strictly an OPTIONAL service and if there is a problem with the printing of your final order the vendor will resolve the problem.

A shipping fee, which varies depending on the size of the order, will be added to the total order. As a GUIDELINE ONLY, a recent order (1/1/2013) of 20,000 labels shipped for $15.74

Larger orders will cost less per label:

If you place a single order for 20,000 labels (or more) the cost drops to $16.75 per thousand.

If you place a single order for 30,000 labels (or more) the cost drops to $15.50 per thousand.

If you place a single order for 50,000 labels (or more) the cost drops to $14.50 per thousand.

If you place a single order for 100,000 labels (or more) the cost drops to $13.95 per thousand.

Placing an Order

You may place an order by contacting the NHAIS Help Desk at 271-2141 or by email.

When you place your order you will need to provide:

  • the type of barcodes you want (patron or material; single or duplicate)
  • how many barcodes you want to order (10,000 minimum)
  • the address where you want your labels shipped
  • the number you want your order to begin with
  • the overprinting text for the labels
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