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Sample Policies Disclaimer

All sample policies included here are provided as examples, with no assurances that their individual contents are still current, or have passed any legal review, or would apply in any other individual situation. Some policies also incorporate procedures and/or forms.

The public library is a unique institution that welcomes customers of all ages to use its facilities, services and resources.

Children and their safety are of great concern to libraries. We encourage families and youth to use libraries and, while doing so, also affirm parents’ responsibility for their children’s safety and upbringing.

Children, like all library patrons, are expected to behave appropriately. Parents and caregivers, not library staff, are responsible for the behavior and supervision of their children in the library.

(the above adopted from the NJ Library Association statement)

Guidelines for Developing a Policy on Unattended Children in Libraries (http://www.njla.org/statements/children_libraries.html) from the New Jersey Library Association and New Jersey Library Trustees Association

This book may be borrowed from the NH State Library: _Unattended Children in the Public Library: a resource guide_(ALSC/ALTA/PLA) c2000 NHSL call number 027.625 A512u

Sample Policies from New Hampshire:

Sample Policies from other states:

(Note: Use with caution, as the laws of different states may permit or require policies not appropriate to your library)

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