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A. Scope - This investment policy applies to all monies and other financial resources available for investment on its own behalf or on behalf of any other entity or individual.

B. Objectives -The primary objective of the library's investment activities are, in priority order:

1. To conform with all applicable federal, state and other legal requirements (legal)

2. To adequately safeguard principal (safety)

3. To provide sufficient liquidity to meet all operating requirements


4. To obtain a reasonable rate of return (yield)

C. Diversification - It is the policy of the Richards Free Library to diversify its deposits and investments by financial institution, by investment instrument and by maturity scheduling.

D. Internal Controls - The board decides and the treasurer executes.

E. Investments -

+ Special time deposits

+ Certificates of deposit

+ Obligations of the United States of America

+ Obligations guaranteed by agencies of the United States where payment of principal and interest are guaranteed by the United State of America

+ Other investments decided by the Board of Trustees

Richards Free Library
58 N. Main Street
Newport, NH  03773

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