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The North Hampton Public Library is a public facility supported by the tax-payers of North Hampton and, as such, is subject to the same general rules and prohibitions that govern the use of other tax-supported facilities in the town. The Library has a small conference room, the New Hampshire Room, and a larger meeting room, the Craig Room, available for public use upon application. Library programs will be given first priority for the use of these rooms; they may also be used by non-profit, non-commercial community groups and organizations whose aims are educational, civic, or cultural, and whose meeting are open to the public. While there will be no limit on the number of library-sponsored programs or on those of agencies of town government, other groups and organizations may not count on scheduling more than twenty-four (24) meetings or events in a calendar year. Attendance at all meetings or events will be limited to fifty (50) in the larger meeting room, and to ten (10) in the New Hampshire Room.

A group wishing to charge a fee may do so only with the permission of the Library Director and the Library Trustees. The proposed fee must be shown to be necessary to cover the costs of the program or class. Fees providing revenue or income for the sponsoring organization will not be approved. No admission charge will be made for any Library-sponsored program.

Both meeting rooms shall be available for use during regular Library hours and when the Library is closed, providing certain conditions are met:

1) Advance permission must be secured from the Library Director. Groups wishing to use either room will complete a written application at least 24 hours before the proposed meeting or program, which application will list:

    1. name of the organization and the name and telephone number of the resident of North Hampton who is the responsible contact person for the organization;
    2. the date(s), time, expected size of the meeting;
    3. purposes of the proposed use and whether fees or admissions are planned.

2) When permission is granted for the use of the small conference room during hours of Library operation, organizations are to understand that Library materials and equipment are housed there; staff members and library patrons may enter the room to use or retrieve such materials.

3) The Library assumes no responsibility for the safety of any private property brought onto the premises.

4) Each group shall be responsible for any and all damage caused directly or indirectly to the Library, its collections, equipment, facilities, or services by or during its use of meeting room facilities.

5) ALL groups using Library facilities will be responsible for providing adult supervision of children, both in the building and on the Library grounds or parking lot.

6) No smoking or open flames are permitted anywhere at any time in the Library building.

7) No alcoholic beverages are permitted anywhere in the Library building.

8) The Trustees and Library Director reserve the right to require that a staff member be present in the Library when it is being used by a group or organization when the Library is not in operation. The group or organization will be charged an appropriate hourly rate.

9) Groups intending to serve food and non-alcoholic beverages at a scheduled meeting will inform the Library Director of their intentions. Neither the Trustees or any Library employees nor the Town of North Hampton are responsible for the quality or wholesomeness of any food or drink served. No preparation will be permitted on premises. Groups serving food and beverages will be responsible for set-up and clean-up, and will provide all their own plates, cups, and utensils, and will remove all trash and garbage.

10) Meetings are to be conducted so as not to interfere with the operations of the Library. When the Library is not in operation, groups are to restrict themselves to the meeting rooms for which they have received permission. To this end, groups using the large meeting room should enter and leave by the side door; groups using the New Hampshire Room should use the front door. All groups must leave the Library no later than 10:00pm. Rest room facilities are available at all times.

11) The responsible representative for a group using one of the Library meeting spaces after hours (when the presence of a Library staff member is not required) shall sign out the key to the appropriate door during regular library hours, and shall leave it on the main desk at the end of the meeting.

12) The Library shall be left in a clean and orderly condition when a group leaves. When a staff member is not present, the group will be responsible for insuring that the lights are turned off, heating or air-conditioning turned down or off, windows closed, and all doors securely closed and locked. Should the Library Director determine that special cleaning and janitorial services are required after a permitted use, the town resident signing the application for use will be billed for such services at the rate set by the Trustees.

13) Reservations for recurring meetings can be accepted for a period of up to one (1) calendar year, and can be renewed by written request. If a recurring reservation is not used two times consecutively without notice to the Library, all remaining reservations will be cancelled and the group so notified.

All groups must apply for the use of any meeting room to the Library Director. Permission to use the meeting rooms is not automatically renewed, will be reviewed annually, and can be revoked by the Trustees at any time.

Approval of an application to use the Library’s meeting spaces in no way signifies that the Library, its staff, Trustees, or the Town of North Hampton is sponsoring or co-sponsoring the event for which approval has been granted. Nor does approval signify that the Library or Town supports the policies, philosophies or social programs of the applicant organization.

Revised and approved by the Board of Trustees June, 2002

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