The following rule changes were adopted by the Commission, effective June 20, 2012.



Matter added to current rule appears in bold italics.

Matter removed from current rule appears [in brackets and struckthrough].



Rea 103.01 Request for Information.  Information may be obtained from the commission by writing or calling the commission office at:


                                                  NH Real Estate Commission

                                                  [State House Annex] 64 South Street

                                                  [25 Capitol Street, Room 434]

                                                  Concord, NH 03301

                                                  (603) 271-2701


Rea 404.03 Copies of Written Instruments.

(a) A broker shall, after execution by all parties, deliver the original or photocopy or electronic transmission of any instruments to any party or parties executing the same without delay when:

(1) Such instrument has been prepared by such broker or under her or his supervision;

            (2) Such instrument relates to the employment of the broker;

            (3) Such instrument pertains to the consummation of a lease, purchase, sale or exchange of real property; or

            (4) Such instrument pertains to any other type of real estate transaction in which a broker participates.


Rea 404.05(a)

(a) A salesperson or broker shall not advertise the sale, purchase, exchange, or lease of real property, other than the sale, exchange or lease of her or his own real property, in a manner indicating the offer to sell, purchase, exchange or lease is being made by a principal.  Every such advertisement shall clearly indicate that it is an advertisement of a principal broker, pursuant to RSA 331-A:16, IV.


Rea 501.01(f)

(f) Commissioners and commission employees shall refuse gifts as defined by RSA 15-B:2, V from groups or persons whose interests have been, are, or are likely to be before the agency.


Rea 702.03 REPEALED.

[Rea 702.03 Accounting. A broker charged with closing a real estate transaction shall prepare and deliver or cause to be prepared and delivered, to the buyer and seller upon completion of the transaction, a detailed financial statement of all accounts relative to the transaction showing respective receipts and disbursements.]