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Guide To Resolving Disputes - What Is A Hearing?

The Board will establish its jurisdiction in the matters to be heard and receive any motions prior to presentation of evidence. The Board may rule on motions or take the motions under advisement.

At least 5 days before the hearing the parties shall exchange a list of all witnesses to be called at the hearing and a list of all documents or exhibits to be offered as evidence at the hearing.

The hearing affords the complainant and respondent opportunity to present evidence pertinent to their position for deliberation and resolution by the Board. Such evidence may be presented by personal testimony, witness testimony, documents, photographs or affidavits. You will need at least twelve (12) copies of your evidence: including ten (10) copies for the Board, one (1) for the other party and one (1) for yourself, except that additional copies of photographs, maps or other documents that are not easily copied are not required.

The Board will hear the complainant's witnesses and evidence first. The respondent will be given the opportunity to question those witnesses. The Board will then hear the respondent's witnesses and evidence. The complainant will then be given the opportunity to question the respondent's witnesses. Each party may then present any rebuttal testimony or evidence beginning with the complainant. Following the conclusion of the evidence each party will be allowed to make a brief closing statement beginning with the respondent. Members of the Board may ask questions of all witnesses and parties during the hearing.

The party asserting a proposition shall bear the burden of proving the truth of the proposition by a preponderance of the evidence.

All requests for findings of fact, rulings of law, and hearing memoranda shall be submitted to the Board before the close of the hearing.

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