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Guide To Resolving Disputes - Disputes and Resolutions

Disputes between a park owner or a tenant are bound to surface from time to time. When such an event occurs it is troublesome for both the park owner and the tenant. Resolution of the problem is the only way to restore the peace and harmony that everyone desires.

What procedure should one follow when such a dispute occurs? First, the aggrieved party, park owner or tenant, must make the other aware of the problem. Sometimes one or the other of the parties are completely unaware that a problem exists. It is recommended that the aggrieved party contact the other and communicate the grievance along with a recommended remedy for resolution. The aggrieved party should document their grievance in writing explaining their position. Hopefully a satisfactory solution will be concluded. If the aggrieved party fails to receive a satisfactory resolution and wishes to pursue the matter further, he or she may want to pursue a remedy before the Board of Manufactured Housing.

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