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Frequently Asked Questions

What opportunity will I have to present my case at the hearing?

Once the hearing begins, the presiding officer may ask for opening statements. You are not required to make an opening statement. If you do, it should be brief, no more than a minute or two. The opening statement is your opportunity to provide a brief overview of your position in the matter being addressed at the hearing. Next, the parties will take turns presenting evidence and testimony. Usually, the party with the burden of proof goes first. When it is your turn you may call your witnesses one at a time. The Chairman will swear them in, and you may ask them questions. When you are finished questioning each witness, the other parties will have a chance to question or cross-examine your witness. If you have no witnesses, you will be sworn in and may tell the Chairman your side of the story. The other parties may question you when you are finished making your statement. All parties will be given the same opportunity to call witnesses, make statements, and cross-examine the other parties’ witnesses. The chairman may ask questions of any witness or party at any time during the hearing.

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