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Policies, Procedures and Directives

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Abandoned Property
Acceptance of Juveniles
Accepting/Rejecting Interstate Compact Cases
Access to DOC Records, Public Records & Public (1.40)
Access to the Courts
Access to District Offices (5.09)
Accountability of Security Equipment Issued to Probation/Parole Officers
Achieving DOC Objectives thru Effective Communication
Administrative Home Confinement and Electronic Monitoring (5.94)
Admission Note (6.21)
Admittance and Removal of Offenders To and From Transitional Housing Units
Adult Pre-sentence Investigations (PSI)
Adult Probation/Parole Violations (5.51)
Agency Mission (1.17)
Alcohol Testing for Individuals Under DOC Supervision
Annulments/Pardon investigations (5.13)
Annual Report (1.05)
Application and Administration of Grants
Arrest, Apprehension, Detention, and the Taking into Custody of Persons not Under Departmental Supervision
Arrest Without Warrant (5.03)
Attorney Mail/ Protected Legal Materials, Delivery of (5.17)
Authority to be on Departmental Grounds or Facilities
Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Program (6.50)
Awards, Honors and Medals/Bars

Bail Supervision (5.12)
Behavioral Health Services (6.05)
Billing for Federal Inmates
Bureau of Security Reports Routing

CDL Substance Abuse Testing
Campaigning, Lobbying and Political Activities (2.27)
Canteen Operations, Inmate
Career and Technical Education Program, DOC
Catalog Purchasing
Cell Feeds
Central Warehouse Operating Procedures
Chaplain's Responsibilities (7.43)
Citizen Advisory Committees (1.44)
Citizen Complaints (1.26)
Claims Made Against the NH DOC (1.35)
Classification/Orientation Procedures
Classified Personnel Matters (2.14)
Code of Ethics, DOC (2.30)
Cold Weather Operations
Collection Procedures (3.05)
Community Corrections Center Resident Case Record Management
Complaints and Grievances by Persons Under DOC Supervision (1.16)
Computation of Sentence and Recording of Good Time
Conditional Parole Commitment for Selected Inmates
Consensual Restraint (6.01)
Contraband Introduction, Prevention and Detection (5.22)
Cooperation with Educational Institutions (1.32)
Cooperation with Government Agencies (1.03)
Correctional Industries Accounts Receivable Procedures
Correctional Industries Quality Control Program
Correctional Industry
Corrections Officers' Uniforms
Corrections Special School District Program Curriculum (7.37)
Court or Parole Board Ordered Home Confinement (5.04)

Daily Change Sheet
Database, Computer Access & Control
Delineating Channels of Communication
Delivery of Attorney Mail/Protected Legal Materials (5.17)
Dental Care (6.28)
Departmental Decision Making
Department Firing Range
Detoxification (6.86)
Discharge Medications for Patients/Inmates (6.74)
Disciplinary, Processing Spot, Disciplinary, Intelligence Reports (5.25)
Discrimination Policy (2.15)
Disposal of Found or Confiscated Funds and Negotiable Instruments
Division of Field Services Case Files Management
Division of Field Servives Fugitive Apprehension
DNA Collection (5.40)
DOC Career and Technical Education Program
DOC Code of Ethics (2.30)
DOC Fiscal Operations
DOC Security Force Distribution
DOC Substance Abuse Test for Pre-Employment and for Staff Members (2.13)
DOC Vocational Training Program
Documentation of Inquiries Relative to Persons Under Supervision (1.10)
Donations to DOC (3.30)
Drug Nutrient Interactions (6.67)
Duties and Responsibilities of Case Technicians

Early Terminations from Probation/Parole Supervision (5.64)
Earned Time Credit Provisions (5.11)
Educational and Career and Technical Education Program Curriculum
Educational and Career and Technical Education Program Planning
Educational Opportunities
Educational Program Planning
Emergency Medical Response (6.47)
Emergency Respiratory Equipment
Employee Assistance Program (10.06)
Employee Background Investigation (2.07)
Employee Cell Phone, Pager, Telephone, and Credit Card Usage
Employee Medical Evaluations
Employee Participation in Professional Associations and Conferences
Employee Performance Evaluation
Employee Personnel Files (2.25)
Employer Furnished Staff Meals
Equal Employment Opportunities (2.12)
Evidence Gathering, Preservation and Asset Forfeiture
Extra Duty

FMLA/Disability Management
Facilities, Tours of Departmental (1.18)
Family Connections Center (7.08)
Field Services Collections Procedures (3.05)
Field Services Range Officer Responsibility
Field Training Officer Program
Fire and Emergency Evacuation Planning
Fire Prevention and Fire Safety
Fiscal Operations, DOC
Food Service Operations
Food Service Procurement, Receiving, Inspection, Storage, and Cost Accounting
Foreign Nationals Access to Diplomatic Representation (7.34)
Forms Control
Frequently Confused Medications (6.63)
Funeral Attendance,Family Crisis Visits (7.05)

Gate Money
GraniteCor, Retail Showroom, Payment, Card Industry, and Compliance (3.19)
Guidance for Prisoner Supervision for Non-Departmental Personnel (5.45)
Guidelines for Inmate Segregation
Guidelines for Professional Attire

Halfway Houses Transitional Planning
Hazardous Materials
Health Care Co-Pay (6.16)
Health Care Regulations (6.03)
Health Care Review Committee (6.22)
Health Education (6.29)
Health Staff Participation in the Collection of Forensic Information (6.24)
Healthy Pathways Treatment/Service Plan Procedures
Hospice Services (6.07)
Honor Guard (5.48)
Hunger Strike/Health Management (6.51)

Information Technology Hardware and Network Resource Management
Information Technology Management
Information Technology Network and Systems Access Management
Information Technology Software and Applications Management
Informed Consent Standards (6.23)
Inmate Canteen Operations
Inmate Communications Committee
Inmate Discharge/Transfer Summary (6.17)
Inmate Email Service (5.24)
Inmate Hair Care Service
Inmate Mail Service (5.26)
Inmate Management: Special Housing Unit
Inmate Quay System
Inmate Pay System
Inmate Peer Supporters (6.45)
Inmate Release and Admission Procedures
Inmate/Resident Telephone System (7.28)
Inmate/Staff Relations
Inmate Transfer Folder
Inmate Work Assignments
Institutional Safety and Health Inspections
Issuance & Control of Resident Property
Insurance Coverage
Intake/Orientation Of Halfway House Residents
Intensive Supervision Program (5.05)
Interstate Transfer of Supervision Cases to Other States (5.61)
Intranet and Internet Usage
Intrastate Transfer of Supervision Cases
Involuntary Emergency Medical and/or Psychiatric Treatment (6.18)
Involvement and Volunteers, Citizen (2.24)
Issuance and Control of Resident Property (9.02)
Issuance, Use, and Misuse of Departmental Identification
Issuance, Use, and Processing of Departmental Procurement Cards (P-cards)

Keep-on-Person Medications (6.58)

Laundry Services
Leave Applications
Legal Assessment
Legal Counsel’s Responsibilities/Staff Relations with Attorneys
Legal Material and Documents, Direct Delivery of (5.17)
Library Services
Library Staffing
License Plate Shop in Correctional Industries
Limited Appointing and Adverse Action Authority
Lockdown/Health Management (6.52)

Maintenance Operation
Management and Control of Personal Funds of Residents
Managing Resources
Marriage Request Procedure, Resident (7.13)
Master Index, Resident Movement, Accounting, Attire & Identification
Maximum Security Confinement to Room
Medication Delivery System (6.49)
Medication Distribution and Accountability (6.60)
Medication Non-Compliance and Monitoring Inmates (6.68)
Medical Administration (6.44)
Medical Care Reimbursement (3.17)
Medical Experiments (6.20)
Medical Information, Release of (6.45)
Medical Parole Procedures (6.13)
Medical Records (6.43)
Medical Services-Weekenders / Multiple Offender Program
Medical/Dental Diets (6.12)
Medical/Dental Prosthetics (6.11)
Medication Assisted Treatment – Substance Use Disorders (6.08)
Medication Storage Inspections (6.70)
Mission, Agency (1.17)
Motor Vehicle Safety/Accidents

Needs Evaluation Study for Construction of New Correctional Institutions
New Testing
Not Approved Abbreviations (6.62)
Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity Treatment and Monitoring (6.37)
Notification of Incidents and/or Events
Notification to Designated Individuals in Case of Resident Serious Illness, Injury, or Death (6.40)
Nursing Assessment (6.06)

Obtaining Juvenile Records Under the Provision of RSA 169-B:35
Offender Record Reviews
Offender Records Management
Offender RTU/SPU Resident Pay System (3.01)
Offender Services Needs
Off-Highway Road Vehicle Registration
Office Itinerary and Sign-Out Procedures
Operations Bulletins
Orientation for New Employees (4.02)
Ordering, Receiving, and Distribution of Oxygen Acetylene and Nitrous Oxide
Out Processing Procedures for Personnel
Outside Medical Appointments (6.15)
Overtime Compensation

Pain Management Clinic Procedures (6.41)
Parole. Medical (6.13)
Personnel Position Control
Personnel Practices for Education and Career and Technical Education
Petition for a Recommendation to Modify or Suspend Sentence (1.48)
Pharmaceutical Services (6.42)
Pharmacy Rounds of Inmate Housing Units (6.69)
Photocopying Services (7.42)
Policy Management
Position Movement and Reassignment of Corrections Officers
Pre-Employment/Staff Substance Abuse Testing (2.13)
Pre-Parole Investigations
Prescribing and Dispensing Medication (6.54)
Prescribing Authority and Telephone Orders (6.25)
Pre-Trial Inmates Request to Live, Train, Work with Sentenced Inmates
Pregnancy Management and Planning for the Unborn Children of Female Inmates (6.19)
Prison Rape Elimination Act Procedures (5.19)
Privilege Reduction Hearings, Decisions and Appeals
Probationary Employees in the Corrections Academy
Processing Spot, Disciplinary, Incident, and Intelligence Reports (5.25)
Program Coordination for Maximum Security Inmates
Program Planning
Promotion of Teachers in Academic Education
Promotion Procedures and Guidelines for Instructors in Career and Technical Education
Property and/or Equipment Damage in Living Areas
Property, Issuance and Control of (9.02)
Protective Custody
Psychiatric Coverage for Scheduled Vacations and Emergencies (6.27)
Psychopharmacologic Medications (6.57)
Public Information Policy (1.13)
Public Records & Public Access to DOC Records (1.40)
Public Speaking Policy (1.23)

Quality Assurance Serious Incident Review
Quality Management Program Plan (6.48)

Rapid Repatriation of Deportable Offenders (5.21)
Reading of Post Orders
Records & Public Access to DOC Records, Public (1.40)
Recreation Personnel
Recreation Program Planning
Recruitment and Retention Policy (2.01)
Reimbursement for Services Rendered to SPU Residents (3.18)
Religious Programming (RSA 622-22/23) and Diets (7.17)
Reporting Violations for Offenders Under Supervisionof the Interstate Compact Commission for Adult Offenders
Reporting Violations of Order in Non-Supervision Cases
Reporting Work Injuries
Reports to Courts and Boards
Requisition and Purchase of Equipment and Supplies
Research and External Application Procedures (1.09)
Research Procedures/Use of Research Findings
Reserve Corrections Officers (2.37)
Resident Accounts - Halfway Houses
Residential Treatment Unit Delivery of Services (6.32)
Residents Pay System
Residents Recreation Account
Residents' Welfare Fund
Response Procedures for Inquiries Concerning Probationers/Parolees (5.18)
Retail Store (3.19)
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for Suicides/Serious Attempts and Unexpected Deaths
Roles of Consultants, Contract Employers and Employees of Other Agencies, Public/Private
Rules and Guidance (for Departmental Employees)

SPU Admission/Orientation and Discharge Procedures (6.08)
SPU Residents Transfer to a Less Restrictive Alternative
Safeguarding of Residents in Departmental Facilities
Safety Committees
Searches and Inspections
Searches, Handcuffing, and Transporting Prisoners
Secure Psychiatrict Unit Resident Privileges and Ability to Transfer to Less Restrictive Care (7.11)
Security of Vehicles within the Prison Compound
Security Reports Routing
Selection, Supervision and Rotation of Staff Assigned to SHU
Selection of Chaplains (2.34)
Senior Executive Management Structure
Serious and Infectious Disease Management (6.02)
Serious or Fatal Injury of an Employee
Services and Support for Victims and Survivors of Crime (1.30)
Sexual Harassment (2.39)
Sexual Offender Treatment Services, Female (6.34)
Sexual Offender Treament Services, Male (6.35)
Sexually Violent Predators Treatment Standards (6.33)
Snow Removal & Icing Treatment Operational Plan
Social History - Secure Psychiatric Unit (6.04)
Social Service Programs
Special Health Care Programs (6.46)
Special Management Inmates, Including Those Demonstrating Violent, Disturbed, or Bizarre Behavior
Specialized Treatment Services for Inmates Meeting Severely and Persistently Mentally Ill (SPMI) Criteria (6.31)
SPU/RTU Discharges to DOC Facilities (6.73)
Staff Meetings
Staff Personal Property Permitted In and Restricted From Prison Facilities (5.08)
Staff Relations with Attorneys (1.22)
Staff Supervision of Inmates
Staff Use of Departmental Health Centers
Standards for Treatment of Gender Dysphoria (6.85)
State Police Online Telecommunications System (SPOTS) Access
Stop Orders (6.64)
Substance Abuse Testing for Individuals Under DOC Supervision
Suicide Prevention and Intervention (6.10)
Systems/Operations Monitoring – MIS

Telephones Required in the Residence of DOC Law Enforcement Personnel
Temporary Alternative Work Assignments
Temporary Confinement to Cell
Temporary Holding Cells
Time & Attendance Reporting Procedures
Tobacco Free Department (6.09)
Tool and Equipment Control
Tours of Departmental Facilities (1.18)
Training Policy/Program
Transcription of Medication Orders (6.61)
Transfer of Medications Between Institutions (6.72)
Transfer Requests from Other Jurisdictions
Translation Services
Transportation of Inmates by Non-Uniformed Staff
Transportation Team
Traumatic Incidents

Use of Alco-Sensor® Instruments
Use of Emergency Lights and Sirens in DOC Vehicles
Use of Food Services by Departmental Personnel/Volunteers (2.26)
Use of Health Service Facilities (6.53)
Use of Personally Owned Computer Equipment
Use of Photographic Equipment Assigned to District Offices
Use of Probationers/Parolees as Informants
Use of State-Owned Motor Vehicles
Utilization of Case Technicians
Utilization of Court Referral Officer

Vending Machines (3.04)
Victim Impact and Restitution Determination (5.42)
Victims and Survivors of Crime, Services and Support for (1.30)
Video Camera Recording for Documentation
Violation of Order of Non-Supervision Cases
Visiting Policy (7.09)
Visiting Policy Memorandum - Jan 2017
Volunteers, Citizen Involvement and (2.24)

Warrants, Detainers, and NCIC Procedure
Web Site Operations
Witness Fees/Payments from the Courts to Department Employees
Work Release Program at County Facilities

All Health Services policies have been posted on this website as an attachment to an RFP and you may access the Index from this location.

The following policies are Confidential and are not available for public inspection

Adverse Drug Reactions (6.39)
Contingency Plan for Work Stoppage or Job Action (1.20)
Crime Scene Search, Evidence Collection, Major Crime Scene Search (5.10)
Discrepencies in Medication Counts (6.83)
DOC Security Force Distribution (5.16)
Emergency Disaster Planning (5.44)
Escapes (5.47)
Firearms (5.20)
Key and Lock Management (5.31)
Medication Occurences (6.84)
Narcotic Control - Schedule II Medications (6.82)
Pharmacy Medication Dispensing Incident Reporting (6.81)
Power Outages (8.11)
Restraining Devices (5.81)
Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for Suicides/Serious Attempts and Unexpected Deaths (6.30)
Situation Control (5.23)
Special Emergency Response Team (5.93)
Use of Corrections Dept. Radio System (5.15)
Use of Physical Force in Departmental Activities (5.58)


Policies Procedures and Directives, Chapter 6
Updated December 2015

6.01 - Consensual Restraint
6.02 - Serious & Infectious Disease Management
6.03 - Health Care Regulations
6.04 - Social History - Secure Psychiatric Unit
6.05 - Behavioral Health Services
6.06 - Nursing Assessment
6.07 - End of Life Care
6.08 - Medication Assisted Treatment – Substance Use Disorders
6.09 - Tobacco Free Department
6.10 - Suicide Prevention and Intervention
6.11 - Medical Dental Prosthetics
6.12 - Medical/Dental Diets
6.13 - Medical Parole Procedures
6.14 - Deleted
6.15 - Outside Medical Appointments
6.16 - Health Care Co-Pay
6.17 - Inmate Discharge/Transfer Summary
6.18 - Involuntary Emergency Medical and/or Psychiatric Treatment
6.19 - Pregnancy Management and Planning for the Unborn Children of Female Inmates
6.20 - Medical Experiments
6.21 - Admission Note
6.22 - Health Care Review Committee
6.23 - Informed Consent Standards
6.24 - Health Staff Participation in the Collection of Forensic Information
6.25 - Prescribing Authority and Telephone Orders
6.26 - DELETED See PPD 5.40
6.27 - Psychiatric Coverage for Scheduled Vacations and Emergencies
6.28 - Dental Care
6.29 - Health Education
6.30 - (Confidential) Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for Suicides/Serious Attempts and Unexpected Deaths
6.31 - Specialized Treatment Services for Inmates Meeting Severely and Persistently Mentally Ill (SPMI) Criteria
6.32 - Residential Treatment Unit Delivery of Services
6.33 - Sexually Violent Predator Treatment Standards
6.34 - Female Sexual Offender Treatment Services
6.35 - Male Sexual Offender Treatment Services
6.36 - DELETED
6.37 - Not Guilty By Reason of Insanity Treatment and Monitoring
6.38 - DELETED
6.39 - (Confidential) Adverse Drug Reactions
6.40 - Notification to Designated Individuals in Case of Resident Serious Illness, Injury or Death
6.41 - Pain Managament Clinic Procedures
6.42 - Pharmaceutical Services
6.43 - Medical Records
6.44 - Medical Administration
6.45 - Inmate Peer Supporters
6.46 - Special Health Care Programs
6.47 - Emergency Medical Response
6.48 - Quality Management Program Plan
6.49 - Medication Delivery System
6.50 - Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Program
6.51 - Hunger Strike/Health Management
6.52 - Lockdown/Health Management
6.53 - Use of Health Services Facilities
6.54 - Prescribing and Dispensing Medication
6.55 - Availability of Medications
6.56 - Prescribing New/First Time Medications
6.57 - Psychopharmacologic Medications
6.58 - Keep-on-Person Medications
6.60 - Medication Distribution and Accountability
6.61 - Transcription of Medication Orders
6.62 - Not Approved Abbreviations
6.63 - Frequently Confused Medications
6.64 - Stop Orders
6.66 - (Confidential) Schedule II Through V Medications
6.67 - Drug - Nutrient Interactions
6.68 - Medication Non-Compliance and Monitoring Inmates
6.69 - Pharmacy Rounds of Inmate Housing Units
6.70 - Medication Storage Inspections
6.72 - Transfers of Medication Between Institutions
6.73 - SPU/RTU Discharges to DOC Facilities
6.74 - Discharge Medications for Patients and Inmates
6.81 - (Confidential) Pharmacy Medication Dispensing Incident Reporting
6.82 - (Confidential) Narcotic Control - Schedule II Medications
6.83 - (Confidential) Discrepencies in Medication Counts
6.84 - (Confidential) Medication Occurrences
6.85 - Standards for Treatment of Gender Dysphoria
6.86 - Detoxification

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