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In addition to honorific recognition, listing in the State Register results in these benefits for historic properties:

Consideration in the planning of local and state funded or otherwise assisted projects: Listing on the State Register can help property owners and communities be more effective advocates for their historic properties by flagging these resources as vital parts of a community and its landscape. Both state and federal historic preservation regulations seek to protect identified historic resources during activities such as governmental land sales and transportation projects.

Qualification for state financial assistance for preservation projects, when funds are available: Historic preservation grants and funding from sources such as the Land and Community Heritage Investment Program use eligibility for or listing on the State Register, among other criteria, as a qualifying requirement. Private initiatives, such as grant programs from local historical societies, may use State Register listing as a requirement as well. The NHDHR has a complete list of what preservation project funding may be currently available for resources listed on the State Register.

Special consideration or relief in the application of access, building and safety codes: Historic properties, including those listed on the State Register, are offered special consideration in the application of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the BOCA National Buildings Code, the state lead poisoning prevention law and administrative rules, the state energy code, the state fire code, and the state floodplain ordinance. Historic properties are not exempt from these code regulatory processes. However, during the review and approval process, historic property owners, with NHDHR assistance if desired, can work with regulatory agencies to develop plans that meet preservation and access, building and safety needs.

A complimentary one-year membership to the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance: Founded in 1985, the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance works to preserve the state's historic buildings, landscapes and communities through leadership, advocacy and education. A non-profit membership group, the Preservation Alliance works with the NHDHR on many projects and generously offers State Register property owners a complimentary one-year membership, giving each a voice in protecting the traditional beauty of New Hampshire and the places people value.

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