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The New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places is one part of the state's efforts to recognize and encourage the identification and protection of historical, architectural, archeological and cultural resources. These irreplaceable resources may be buildings, districts, sites, landscapes, structures or objects that are meaningful in the history, architecture, archeology, engineering or traditions of New Hampshire residents and communities. The State Register is administered by the New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources (NHDHR), which is the state's Historic Preservation Office.

Sellin Farm, Barnstead Listing on the State Register of Historic Places is one of several ways to acknowledge a property's historical significance. A property may also qualify for the National Register of Historical Places, be designated a National Historic Landmark, be part of a local historic district, or recognized in a local or regional master plan. Please feel free to contact the NHDHR to learn more about these programs.

Listed Properties

Listing in the State Register can contribute to the preservation of historic properties in a number of ways. Please see "Effects of Listing" for more information on these benefits:

  • Public recognition that a property is significant to a community.
  • Consideration and advocacy in the planning of local and state funded or otherwise assisted projects.
  • Qualification for state financial assistance for preservation projects, when funds are available.
  • Special consideration or relief in the application of some access, building and safety code regulations.
  • A complimentary one-year membership to the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance.

Listing A Property

Effects of Listing

Forms and Manuals

No Restrictions and Requirements

Owners of property listed on the State Register are free to maintain, manage or dispose of their property as they choose, without oversight or comment from the NHDHR. However, as property owners plan for needed maintenance or changes, staff members at the NHDHR are always available for questions and assistance.

Contact Information

The New Hampshire Division of Historical Resources, located at 19 Pillsbury Street, 2nd floor in Concord, has more information about the New Hampshire State Register of Historic Places. This information, along with a blank inventory form and the manual needed to complete it, are available on the Division's web site. Staff can be reached at 603/271-3483, via e-mail at preservation@dcr.nh.gov, or via mail at 19 Pillsbury Street 2nd floor, Concord, NH 03301-3570.

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