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The NH Division of Historical Resources (NHDHR) maintains a list of qualified archaeologists who are actively working in NH for project proponents who require professional archaeological services. This list is provided as a service to the public and is published with the understanding that the NHDHR does not recommend, endorse, or assume responsibility for the quality of work of any individual or firm on this list. Project proponents should perform due diligence by checking credentials and obtaining multiple bids when hiring a consultant. Consultants are added to the list at their request if they meet the qualifications under 36CFR61, the Secretary of the Interior’s Professional Qualification Standard for Archaeology and meet NHDHR's additional qualifications. NHDHR's archaeological consultant listing policy can be found on our NHDHR Policies webpage.

Below is a list of archaeological consulting firms that employ one or more qualified archaeological consultants. Firms are identified as meeting qualifications for pre-contact, post-contact and/or underwater archaeological services. The list is arranged alphabetically by firm or by last name of individual if there is no firm name given. A comprehensive list of all qualified archaeological consultants is available for download at the bottom of this page.

  • Archaeological Services at the University of Massachusetts
    Address: Department of Anthropology, Machmer Hall, 240 Hicks Way, Amherst MA 01003
    Contact: Eric Johnson
    Email: ericjohnson@anthro.umass.edu
    Phone: 413-545-1552
    Website: www.umass.edu/archservices
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact, Underwater]

  • Sheila Charles
    Address: 15 Boylston Avenue, Nashua NH 03064
    Contact: Sheila Charles
    Email: shearch27@gmail.com
    Phone: 603-883-6574
    Description of Services: Sheila Charles, an independent archaeological consultant, offers historic archaeological consulting services for non-transportation related Federal, State, local government, utilities, engineering firms, developers, private individuals, historic societies and museums. Charles exceeds the US Secretary of Interior (36CFR61) standards of a professional archaeologist. She possesses over 35 years of supervisory experience in all phases of archaeological investigations, cultural resource management, and archaeological educational outreach programs.

  • Barbara Donohue
    Address: 11 Bright Rd. Belmont MA 02478
    Contact: Barbara Donohue
    Email: donohueconsult@yahoo.com
    Phone: 617-875-4478
    Description of Services: Barbara Donohue is an independent archaeological consultant with over 23 years of experience specializing in New England historic archaeology. Working in all aspects of cultural resource management including, but not limited to, detailed archival research and documentation, archaeological resource assessments, burying ground preservation management plans and public interpretation her clients include state and local government agencies, engineering and environmental firms, developers and private individuals.

  • EBI Consulting
    Address: 6876 Susquehanna Trail South, York, Pennsylvania 17403
    Contact: Karen A. Hutchins
    Email: khutchins@ebiconsulting.com
    Phone: 267-355-2502
    Website: ebiconsulting.com
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact]

  • Environmental Resources Management (ERM)
    Address: One Beacon Street, 5th Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02108
    Contact: Mark Doperalski
    Email: mark.doperalski@erm.com
    Phone: 603-479-1088
    Website: www.erm.com
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact]

  • Gray & Pape, Inc.
    Address: 60 Valley Street, Suite 103, Providence RI 02909
    Contact: Christopher Donta
    Email: cdonta@graypape.com
    Phone: 401-273-9900
    Website: www.graypape.com
    [Pre-Contact, Underwater]
    Description of Services: Gray & Pape is a nationally recognized business with over 25 years of experience across the Northeast, conducting all aspects of archaeological research. Gray & Pape completes the consultation process for local, state and federal level projects in a timely manner, according to and above all accepted standards. Our staff works closely with clients to clearly outline the project process, alternatives, and likely outcomes.

  • Hartgen Archeological Associates
    Address: 1744 Washington Ave Ext., Rensselaer NY 12144
    Contact: Matthew Kirk
    Email: mkirk@hartgen.com
    Phone: 518-283-0534
    Website: www.hartgen.com
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact]
    Description of Services: Hartgen Archeological Associates, Inc. is a full service Cultural Resource Management (CRM) firm with the capability to guide projects of all sizes through the CRM process. We offer a full range of archeological and architectural documentation services, as well as archeological education programming, archival research, and historic preservation. With nearly forty years of experience across the Northeast, Hartgen works with private clients as well as local, state, and federal governments.

  • Hunter Research, Inc.
    Address: 120 West State Street, Trenton NJ 08608
    Contact: Patricia Madrigal
    Email: madrigal@hunterresearch.com
    Phone: 609-695-0122
    Website: www.hunterresearch.com
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact]

  • Independent Archaeological Consulting, LLC
    Address: 801 Islington Street, Suite 31, Portsmouth NH 03801
    Email: info@iac-llc.net
    Phone: 603-430-2970
    Website: www.iac-llc.net
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact]
    Description of Services: IAC is a woman-owned small business certified as a woman-owned Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation. The company's principal members are Kathleen Wheeler, Ph. D., and Ellen Marlatt, M.A. IAC has been in operation since 1990 and has operated as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) since January 1, 1998. The company maintains a fully-equipped archaeology lab at 801 Islington Street in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and has the capability to readily address project needs as they unfold. IAC is a member-in-good-standing of the American Cultural Resources Association (ACRA).

  • John Milner Associates
    Address: 410 Great Rd., Suite B14, Littleton MA 01460
    Contact: Martin Dudek
    Email: mdudek@johnmilnerassociates.com
    Phone: 978-793-2579
    Website: www.johnmilnerassociates.com
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact]

  • Landmark Archaeology, Inc.
    Address: 6242 Hawes Road, Altamont NY 12009-4606
    Contact: Derrick J. Marcucci
    Email: dmarcucci@landmarkarchaeologyinc.com
    Phone: 518-861-8283
    Website: www.landmarkarchaeologyinc.net
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact]

  • Monadnock Archaeological Consulting, LLC
    Address: 116 Fox Hill Rd., Stoddard NH 03464
    Contact: Robert Goodby
    Email: rgoodby@monadarch.com
    Phone: 603-446-2366
    Website: www.monadarch.com
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact]

  • Northeast Archaeology Research Center, Inc.
    Address: 382 Fairbanks Road, Farmington ME 04938
    Email: nearc@nearchaeology.com
    Phone: 207-860-4032
    Website: http://nearchaeology.com
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact]

  • POWER Engineers, Inc.
    Address: 303 US Route One, Suite 2A, Freeport ME 04032
    Contact: Stuart A. Eldridge
    Email: Stuart.Eldridge@powereng.com
    Phone: 207-869-1200
    Website: www.powereng.com

  • Richard Grubb and Associates, Inc.
    Address: 30 N. Main Street, P.O. Box 434, Cranbury NJ 08512
    Contact: Mary Lynne Rainey
    Email: mlrainey@richardgrubb.com
    Phone: 609-655-0692
    Website: www.richardgrubb.com
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact]

  • SEARCH, Inc.
    Address: P.O. Box 1080, Portsmouth, NH 03802
    Contact: Stefan Claesson
    Email: Stefan@searchinc.com
    Phone: 603-319-6939
    Website: searchinc.com
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact, Underwater]
    Description of Services: SEARCH provides a full range of traditional and specialized services in archaeology, architectural history, historic preservation, conservation/curation, public outreach, and national and state regulatory compliance. Our architectural history capabilities include restoration and reuse planning, economic analysis, HABS, HAER, and HALS recordation standards, and tax credit eligibility assessments. SEARCH also provides highly specialized tasks in maritime archaeology, with USACE-certified divers and experts in historic shipwrecks, submerged prehistoric resources, remote sensing, and conservation. We have a best-in-industry reputation for emergency and rapid response, major project logistics, and provide innovative, cost-effective alternatives to traditional mitigations including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), LiDAR-based predictive modeling, and high-density laser scanning.

  • Tetra Tech, Inc.
    Address: 1000 The American Road, Morris Plains NJ 07950
    Contact: Sydne B. Marshall
    Email: Sydne.Marshall@tteci.com
    Phone: 973-630-8104
    Website: www.tetratech.com
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact]

  • The Louis Berger Group, Inc.
    Address: 20 Corporate Woods Boulevard, Albany NY 12211-2370
    Contact: Hope E. Luhman
    Email: hluhman@louisberger.com
    Phone: 518-334-6035
    Website: www.louisberger.com
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact]

  • The Public Archaeology Laboratory Inc.
    Address: 26 Main Street, Pawtucket RI 02860
    Contact: Suzanne Cherau
    Email: scherau@palinc.com
    Phone: 401-728-8780
    Website: www.palinc.com
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact]
    Description of Services: PAL is a leading authority in cultural resource management and specializes in archaeology, architectural history, research and documentation, and preservation planning throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic. An independent, non-profit corporation with offices and laboratories in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, PAL has successfully completed more than 2,700 projects in the areas of cultural resource management, historic preservation planning, and regulatory consultation and compliance. Our clients include federal, state, and local agencies; non-profit institutions; and private developers. Established in 1982, PAL is the largest private cultural resource management firm in New England with a staff of more than 40 people.

  • TRC
    Address: 71 Oak St., Ellsworth, ME 04605
    Contact: Karen Mack
    Email: kemack@trcsolutions.com
    Phone: 207-215-2872
    Website: www.trcsolutions.com
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact]
    Description of Services: TRC is one of the three largest providers of cultural resources management services in the country. The permanent TRC cultural resource staff includes just under 100 professional archaeologists, archaeological technicians, architectural historians, preservation planners, and administrative and support personnel. With over 25 years of experience working in New England, TRC has the personnel, equipment, and facilities to respond promptly to all of our client’s needs for archaeology, Native American consultation, architectural history.

  • URS Corporation
    Address: 437 High Street, Burlington NJ 08016
    Contact: Edward Morin
    Email: ed.morin@urs.com
    Phone: 609-386-5444
    Website: www.urs-burlington.com
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact, Underwater]

  • Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc
    Address: 50 Main Street, Suite 360, White Plains NY 10606
    Contact: Carol Weed
    Email: cweed@vhb.com
    Phone: 212-857-7327
    Website: www.vhb.com

  • Victoria Bunker, Inc.
    Address: PO Box 16 New Durham NH 03855
    Contact: Victoria Bunker
    Email: vbi_wp@tds.net
    Phone: 603-776-4306
    [Pre-Contact, Post-Contact, Underwater]
    Description of Services: Victoria Bunker, Inc. is a woman-owned business that provides a range of archeological consulting services throughout NH for Federal, State and local governmental agencies, utilities, engineering firms, developers and private individuals. Our expertise includes post-contact European-American and pre-contact Native American archeological sites, ruins and districts at the Phase I, II and III survey levels, for industrial, underwater, urban, rural, military, ritual, and funerary resources. We prepare research designs, National and State Register eligibility statements, and Environmental Impact Statements and have worked throughout New Hampshire on a variety of projects for more than 30 years.

Comprehensive Archaeological Consultants List Adobe Acrobat

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