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Commission on Native American Affairs


(Meeting Minutes: November 15, 2011)
(2pm-Fire Academy-Concord, NH)

Full Commission Meeting

In Attendance:
Peter Newell (PN)
Rob Sulesky (RS)
Herb Monroe (HR)
Tai Freligh (TF)
Sherry Gould (SG)
Peggy Fullerton (PF)
Georgia Edwards (GE)
Darryl Peasley (DP)
Kent Whitman (KW)
Robert Goodby (RG)

Elizabeth Charlebois (EC)
Paul Pouliot (PP)
*Steve Fullerton (SF) (Resigned)
Lynn Martin (LM)
Molly Springer (MS)



  • PN calls meeting to order at 2:15pm.
  • Protection and Preservation Committee Report.
  • Special guest Dick Boisvert from the State Archeological Office.
  • TF recuses himself for NPP discussion.
  • Letter drafted to Office of Electricity and Energy Reliability to follow through with the plan discussed on becoming a Consulting Party in the proposed Northern Pass Transmission Line Project.
  • SG moved HM seconded the letter be sent to Brian Mills, unanimous consent.
  • HM moved and KW seconded to Approved our letter head as seen on the website. Unanimous consent.
  • TF joins the discussion again.
  • Nomination Committee report.
    PN accepts nomination letter for RS from Nomination Committee.  PN asks for a motion to submit.  RG moves.  HM seconds.  Unanimous vote to accept.
  • PN accepts nomination letter for Vicki Blanchard to fill PP position.  PN asks for a motion to submit.  GE motions.  RS seconds.  Unanimous vote to accept.
  • SG moves that pending confirmation from Elizabeth Muzzy on appointment end date for PF, that we approve her rollover to be nominated for her next three year term.  DP seconds.  Unanimous vote to accept.
  • Arts and Crafts Committee report.
  • Resource Guide committee report.
  • SG moves.  KW seconds.  Unanimous vote to accept.
  • Treasurers report.  $22 added to treasury.  RS motions to accept.  DP seconds.  Unanimous vote to accept.
  • Ben Wilson added to agenda for next meeting to talk about Hannah Dustin Memorial.
  • December 20th meeting date 2-4pm.
  • Agenda items: Committee Reports, Treasurer’s report, approve minutes, PR/media items (talking points, Facebook, PPP, one-sheets, etc.)
  • HM motions to adjourn.  RS seconds.  Unanimous vote to accept.
  • Meeting adjourns at 4:05pm

Minutes submitted by Tai Freligh, Secretary



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