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(Meeting minutes: November 13, 2013)
(Plymouth State University)

In Attendance:
Peter Newell (PN)
Sherry Gould (SG)
Vicki Blanchard (VB)
Elizabeth Charlebois (EC)
Steve Daigle (SD)
Georgia Edwards (GE)
Peggy Fullerton (PF)
Robert Goodby (RG)
Herb Monroe (HM)
Darry Peasley (DP)
Kent Whitman (KW)

Melanie B. Taylor (MT) excused
Tai Freligh (TF) excused
Lynn Graton (LG)

Public Attendees:
Al Gauvin
Bernie Mortz
Bronwyn Asplund-Walsh

Eleven voting members present

  • PN called meeting to order at 3:10pm. He welcomed the Commission to Plymouth State University, expressing appreciation for use of the meeting space. He distributed a flyer regarding the 3rd Annual Veterans Pow-wow that will be hosted at the University by the PSU Diversity Fellows in collaboration with the NH Intertribal Native American Council on January 26, 2013.
  • Minutes from 8-21-12 meeting were constructed by Steve Daigle (acting Secretary of the August meeting), from the memories and notes of Commission members, due to a crash of SD’s computer the last week of August. Once completed motion was made by SG and seconded by HM to accept the minutes as compiled. Motion passed unanimously. It was agreed that a copy would be distributed to the full Commission and if any revisions were needed they could be brought forward at the Feb. meeting as a motion to amend.
  • Treasurers Report was given by Vicki Blanchard. Balance last meeting $1,227, receipts this quarter 10.00, ending balance 1,237. Motion by KW to accept, seconded by DP, passed unanimously.

Committee Reports:

*SG gave an update on the sweetgrass garden project at Chapman’s Landing, property of the Fish and Game Dept. It was agreed that a site meeting with Fish and Game staff would be the next step and PN, VB, KW, SD, SG and Al Gauvin volunteered to attend the meeting with Elizabeth McNaughten and Rachel Stevens of Fish and Game on Dec 3, time tba.

*PN introduced two guests attending the meeting. Bronwyn Asplund-Walsh who is an attorney of Pawnee descent and she offered her assistance to the work of the Commission. Ms. Asplund-Walsh has an application in to serve on the Commission.

Next was Mr. Bernie Mortz, Chief of the Kowasuck Abenaki tribe, recognized by the State of VT as a Native American Tribe with members living in historical territory in both NH and VT. PN expressed the regret of the loss of Chief Nancy Doucette and welcomed Chief Mortz, stating that he looked forward to a good working relationship between the Commission and the Tribe. Chief Mortz said he will continue to attend Commission meetings and also looks forward to mutual working relations with the Commission.

*DP Gave an update on the Resource Guide. An early draft has been compiled by DP and is available for all members to review in the Drop Box folder created by DP. Commission members were invited to this folder to review and offer comments on resources that should be added or removed from the Guide. PF had reviewed the guide and offered some additional info on the intro regarding Abenaki History in the State. It was agreed by unanimous consent that the Preservation Committee will review and revise this section of the Guide.

* Arts and Crafts Committee, DP proposed a cultural event, and educational material for the Federal Arts and Crafts Act. Discussion ensued about possible meeting locations for the committee. Commission members voiced support for the Cultural Event.

*Social Services Committee, no activity this quarter.

*Preservation Committee, PF reported on her communications with the State Archeologist regarding dig in Jefferson, NH and distributed map showing origin of items found at the site, indicating it was a central point of movement of ancestors from a wide region of the north east.

*Education Committee. No meetings held. GE requested columns with contact information. She reported she resent her letter to “Beth” regarding assistance from Michelle Obama. She discussed JoAnn Bellanger’s offer of assistance with fourth grade curriculum. She indicated that she needs contact information for JoAnn to proceed.

*Nominations Committee. KW prepared three ballots for elections. It was explained that annual officer elections were effective for January of 2013. Discussion of voting now to complete the election before January, or wait for February meeting to proceed, or call a special meeting in December or January, or move the February meeting to January. It was agreed for the election to proceeded for all three areas;

  • Ballot for Recommendation of rollover of terms, due in November, for SD, GE, DP and KW were distributed. All four members were recommended for roll over.
  • Election of Officers. The Commission was reminded that the term for office was for two one-year cycles. Under that provision the Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary had served their two one-year terms. Nomination was made by PF, and seconded by SD for SG as Chair, SG accepted. EC nominated RG for Chair, RG declined. SG nominated DP as Vice-Chair, RG seconded, DP accepted. EC nominated SD for secretary, GE seconded, SD accepted. VB, Treasurer, agreed to serve a second term. The Chair asked for any further nominations, hearing none he closed the ballot. Pursuant to comments by nominated parties regarding the short time period to think about it, the Chair again put the option of conducting the election at some future date on the table. By unanimous consent, the election proceeded, KW distributed ballots and members wrote in their votes. The results were SG, elected Chair; DP elected Vice-Chair; SD elected Secretary; VB elected Treasurer.
  • Election of Committee chairs. KW distributed printed ballots with each committee and the current chair. Spaces were provided for write in candidates. The commission members completed the ballots. Given the hour, and the task of tabulating write in votes, KW determined to have the committee count the votes and report back the results. The Commission agreed to the process by unanimous consent.
  • PN thanked the members of the Commission for all their hard work in setting a foundation for the Commission through our formation. RG thanked PN for leading us over the first two years. Unanimous applause.
  • Commission members expressed concern over parking at Plymouth University. We are scheduled to meet again at Plymouth on May 21, 2013. SG volunteered to contact them about proper parking arrangements prior to the meeting. Next meeting Feb 19, 2013 at Fire Standards Academy, Concord, NH 3-5pm.

Agenda Items:

Secretary’s Report – SG

Treasurer Report-VB

Invite Ben Wilson to talk about Hannah Dustin memorial.

Committee Reports

  • EC moved to adjourn.  KW seconded.  Unanimous consent.  Meeting adjourned at 5:15pm. 

Minutes submitted by Sherry Gould, acting Secretary



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