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Commission on Native American Affairs


Gathering Minutes: Feb 19, 2013 3pm-Fire Academy-Concord, NH

Members present:
Sherry Gould SG
Robert Goodby RG
Herb Monroe HM
Al Gauvin AG
Tai Freligh TF
Lynn Martin-Graton, LMG
Steven Daigle SD
Melanie Taylor MT (the new Commission representative from Dartmouth)

Absent with notice:
Darryl Peasley DP
Peter Newell PN
Vicki Blanchard VB
Peggy Fullerton PF
Kent Whitman KW

Elizabeth Charlebois EC
Georgia Edwards GE

Members of the public in attendance:
Debbie Dostie
Scott Dostie

Gathering called to order at 3:04. Quorum not present, no official business conducted or votes taken.

  • Secretary’s minutes of 11/13 were reviewed and adjusted to reflect the correct spelling of Tai Freligh’s name.
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Committee Reports:
  • Social Services: PN has agreed to chair the committee.
  • Resource Guide: DP is chair. VB will take over the historical portion of the guide. RG submitted a proposed addition to information on Abenaki in the Resource Guide, which he has written. This addresses the concern that the guide as it stands now seems to indicate that NH history begins in the 1600s.
  • Arts & Crafts: DP wants to hold an event of a cultural nature. He has been in communication with Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum about this.
  • Nominations: KW is working hard to finalize the renewal of the appointments of DP, GE, and KW to the Commission. They will continue to be voting members while this process is being worked out
  • Education: GE received a letter from The White House in reply to a letter she wrote concerning Federal money for the Abenaki in NH. GE will report on the letter she received at next meeting. LMG spoke about the difficulty artists have been experiencing getting into public schools to present programs. Two ideas came up in the ensuing discussion – in presentation proposals to schools emphasize which of the state frameworks the presentation will address; also, the possibility of offering programs in school, but not during school hours.
  • Sweetgrass Garden: SG received a letter from Betsey McNaughten, Land Agent, NH Department of Fish and Game. In the letter, Betsey states that she feels that a historic marker would be appropriate for the site at Chapman’s Landing. A copy of the letter is attached.
  • Next meeting 2 pm on May 21 at Plymouth State University. Suggested agenda:
    • Approve minutes from the 11/13 commission meeting, and the 2/19 gathering.
    • Treasurer's report.
    • Receive each committee’s report. Committee Chairs, please have a written report to hand out and send an electronic copy to Steven Daigle to be published on the web.
    • TF will invite Ben Wilson to talk about the Hannah Dustin Memorial.
    • Set next commission meeting possible agenda items.

Gathering disbursed at 4:55.

Respectfully submitted,

Steven Daigle, Secretary



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