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The NH Department of Health and Human Services (NH DHHS) and NH Insurance Department (NHID) share data and information and work cooperatively on the CHIS project standards with regards to data collection and data release. However, each agency is analyzing the CHIS data for different purposes. While both agencies are interested in understanding patterns in use and cost of healthcare services in NH, each agency has its own health services research agenda.

NH Department of Health and Human Services

NH Insurance Department

NH DHHS, Office of Medicaid Business and Policy reporting agenda is focused on how health care quality, access, use, and cost vary geographically, between providers, and most importantly between the Medicaid-covered and commercially insured populations.

The analysis plan for DHHS includes generating a set of reports to be used by the Office of Medicaid in management of their program as well as for public release. DHHS reports and studies include comparative analysis of disease prevalence, prevention and disease management, use and cost of types of service, use of primary prevention, and variation in cost.

NH DHHS reports and studies produced using the CHIS data can be found on the DHHS website.

The NHID is using the claims data to better understand the health insurance market in New Hampshire as well as to provide New Hampshire residents with information about the cost of health care services. To date, the NHID has developed the NH HealthCost website for insurers and is in the process of developing a second website for employers.

NHID reports and studies can be found on the NHID website. NHID’s major effort at present is updating the NHHealthCost website to show provider and health plan specific information.


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