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Arts Organizations

The competitive grant opportunities listed in this portal are designed to help meet the needs of not for profit arts and cultural organizations and local/regional arts agencies that provide arts experiences for all New Hampshire citizens and in this way enrich New Hampshire’s quality of life and economy.

FY2015 grant categories reflect the State Arts Council’s ongoing need to consolidate some grant categories and suspend others. These measures are in response to fiscal and staff constraints and the need to be more efficient with public funds. Before starting your application, please read over the grant guidelines carefully. 

FY2015 Competitive Grants:

Conservation License Plate Grants – Grants to conserve public art collections or buildings funded through Conservation License Plate revenues.

General Project Grants for Community Engagement– Matching grants to support a wide variety of arts projects and activities in communities throughout the state to build more culturally and economically vibrant communities.

Public Value Partnerships (formerly Operating Grants) – Grants to support the cultural infrastructure of New Hampshire by providing two-year general operating support based upon excellence in administration and programming.

Youth Arts Project Grants: For Extended Arts Learning – Grants to support creative development and opportunities for youth K-12 outside the regular school day.


NOTICE FOR FY2015: The State Arts Council will not be accepting new applications for the Cultural Facilities Grant category owing to insufficient resources.

Cultural Facilities Grants: Barrier Free Arts for All - Grants to improve facilities where arts programming takes place and/or make them more accessible.


Last updated: March 6, 2014

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