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Present:   Sheila Renaud-Finnegan, David Braiterman, Joan Staigers Haley, Deborah Warner, Gail Mears and David Sundell. 

Not present ---

Board meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM.

Draft minutes of the June 11, 2010 meeting were reviewed.  Motion was made by David Braiterman and seconded by Gail Mears to accept the minutes as read.

Motion passed unanimously.


A.  NEA NH – Robert Whitehead – The Board reviewed a letter from Mr. Whitehead.  He asked for clarification on the legal responsibility of a licensed clinical mental health counselor while employed as a public school guidance counselor as it pertains to confidential and/or protected information obtained by students attending the school.  Motion was made by Sheila Renaud-Finnegan and seconded by Deborah Warner to send a letter stating the Board cannot make policy decisions and the Board expects any licensed clinician to abide by his or her code of ethics.  The Board will copy the State Board of Education with their response.

For:  JH, SRF, DS, DB, DW, JC (Judith Coleman was a substitute Board member as allowed for by RSA 330-A:9)
Opposed: 0
Recused: GM

B.  Welkowitz, Julie, Ph.D. – The Board reviewed a letter from Dr. Welkowitz in which she asked the Board if the current  proposed rules would allow students with a 48 credit program to begin their supervised clinical practice while obtaining the additional credits needed for licensure.  She also asked if all of the educational requirements needed to be met before starting the supervised practice hours.  Motion was made by Gail Mears and seconded by David Sundell to inform Dr. Welkowitz that the answer to both questions is yes according to the current and proposed rules.  When the rules were written originally,  it was the intent of that rule to be used for those persons coming from out of state with a 48 hour master’s or someone who received a master’s degree before a 60 hour degree was available.

Motion passed unanimously

C.  Cummings, Kathleen, BSN, RN-BC, Hinck, John, MD, Shagory, Paul, Ph.D. – The Board reviewed a letter from Ms. Cummings, Dr. Hinck and Dr. Shagory explaining some technical contractual agreement problems regarding Grand Rounds and CME credits that took place at the NH Hospital.  Motion was made by Sheila Renaud-Finnegan and seconded by Deborah Warner to send a letter to the above-referenced persons expressing the Board’s  appreciation of being notified of the situation and accepting their resolution.

Motion passed unanimously


A.   The Board had a discussion on the current rule writing process.  Motion was made by Deborah Warner and seconded by David Sundell that the rules, recently submitted to JLCAR,  reflect a 6 year process which included review of the old rules, ways to improve the rules and     diligent work of the Board.  The minutes of the June 11, 2010 meeting reflect only a portion of changes that were made. Many changes were made over the years from discussion with the advisory committees,  subcommittee and the five professional organizations.

Motion passed unanimously. 

Upon the motion of David Braiterman and seconded by Gail Mears, the Board, by roll call vote, resolved to conduct a non-public session for the purpose of discussing application, investigations of alleged misconduct of licensees, in accordance with RSA 91-A:3, II (c), RSA 91-A:3, II (e), RSA 91-A:5, IV, Lodge v. Knowlton, 118 N.H. 574 (1978), and the Board’s executive and deliberative privileges.  Each member recorded his or her vote on the motion, which passed by the unanimous vote of all members present.

Upon the motion of David Braiterman and the second of Gail Mears,  the Board by roll call vote, resolved to withhold the minutes of the preceding non-public session, with the exception of approved applications, responses to motions and disciplinary actions until they are served, from public disclosure pursuant to RSA 91-A:3, III on the grounds that public disclosure would be likely to affect adversely the reputation of a person other than a Board member and to render the proposed action ineffective.  Each member recorded his or her vote on the motion, which passed by the unanimous vote of all members present.


A.  Approved mental health counselors:  Lindsay Bergeron, Christy Charlesworth, Peter Fifield, Nancy Thibodeau, Theresa McCafferty, Deborah Emery-Gigliotti

B.  Approved clinical social workers:  Allison Line-Andrews, Mary Souzzi, Douglas Stephens, Lourdes Tangarone, Marie White

C.  Approved psychologists:  Brian Quigley, Carolyn Levy, Malissa Kraft

D.   Approved marriage & family therapists – Eleanor Lowenthal

E.   Approved pastoral psychotherapists – no applicants reviewed  this month


A.  Mental Health Counselors: Kate Murphy, John Mahoney, Rejane Baggio-Lowry, Holly Pierce, Joan Thompson, Kimberly Gordon

B.  Social Workers: Erin Gillian, Caitlin Miftari, Susan Gordon, Meghan Shea

C.  Marriage & Family Therapists:  Shelby Levesque

D.  Psychologists:  Evelyn Reilly

E.  Pastoral Psychotherapists:  no agreements reviewed this month

Meeting was adjourned at 2:30 PM

Next meeting scheduled for September 17, 2010

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