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Present:   David Braiterman, David Sundell, Gail Mears, Kim Spencer, Deborah Warner and Karen Griswold (Ms. Griswold was a substitute Board member as allowed by RSA 330-A:9 and to vote on matters that require just and timely  resolution and a quorum due to a Board member being recused).  Ms. Griswold did not participate in any votes during the public session of the meeting if a quorum was available.

Not present: -----

Board meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM.

Draft minutes of the April 15, 2011 meeting were reviewed by the Board.  Motion was made by David Sundell and seconded by Kim Spencer to accept the minutes with a correction on page 1 to III Legislation B. The requested amendment was for HB 476 not 390 as noted in the minutes.  Motion passed.  

For:  DS, KS, DB, GM, DW
Opposed: 0
Not participating:  KG


A.  Carlotta Willis, Ed.D, NCC – The Board reviewed a letter from Dr. Willis advising the Board of some adjustments made to the curriculum at Antioch University regarding courses required for mental health counselors.  Motion was made by Gail Mears and seconded by David Braiterman to thank Dr. Willis for the information and refer her to Mhp 302.17 (a) which states that  “all applicants shall have a master’s or doctoral degree in clinical mental health counseling from a CACREP accredited institution or…” The Board also informed Dr. Willis how to join the Board’s listserv.  Motion passed.  KG not participating.

B.  Mary Beth Hardy, LCMHC – The Board reviewed a letter from Ms. Hardy, a New Hampshire LCMHC, asking if it is within the scope of the Board’s licensing rules for her to provide teletherapy services to individuals in New Hampshire.  Motion was made by David Braiterman and seconded by Kim Spencer stating that the Board has no specific rules or authority prohibiting this, however, greater caution should be taken around the issues of confidentiality and informed consent.  The Board will continue to look into this matter in the future as it pertains to New Hampshire licensees treating clients in New Hampshire.

II.  LEGISLATION – Oral update

A.  HB 554 – Mental Health Records – Motion was made by Deborah Warner and seconded by David Braiterman to appoint David Sundell, David Braiterman, Administrative Prosecution Unit and Deborah Warner to evaluate the amendment  to HB554 and troubleshoot its effectiveness and feasibility pertaining to the summer study committee and actively participate the Board’s interests in regards to this bill.  Motion passed unanimously.  KG not participating.

B.  HB 390 – Deborah Warner reported that this bill would restore “advisory committee members” to the list of those allowed to be substitute Board members at a meeting in order to complete a quorum.  There was a vote on 5/18/11 and it will now go to committee of conference.  Dr. Warner will report to the Board next month.

C.  HB 476 – Ms. Lynch will contact the ED & A committee to request a copy of the amendment to this bill.


A.  Joan Staigers Haley’s resignation letter was accepted by Governor and Council at its May 11, 2011 meeting.

IV.  DOCKETED MATTER  No. 11-002– Butler, Jason, LICSW

A.  A Prehearing Conference Order was issued 5/6/2011.  Mr. Butler’s license is still suspended and the hearing for May 26, 2011 is indefinitely continued. All prior Board orders in this matter remain in full force and in effect indefinitely.


A.   Investigation Process Letter – Motion was made by David Braiterman and seconded by Gail Mears to make minor changes suggested by the Board and post this document to the Board’s website.  Motion passed unanimously.  KG not participating.

B.  Parenting Rights and Responsibilities – Motion was made by Kim Spencer and seconded by David Sundell to obtain further comments from Board members,  send it to legal counsel for comment and revisit it at the June or July Board meeting.  Motion passed unanimously. KG not participating.

C.  Initiatives 2011 – Initiatives will be discussed with advisory committees

Upon the motion of Deborah Warner and seconded by Gail Mears, the Board, by roll call vote, resolved to conduct a non-public session for the purpose of discussing application, investigations of alleged misconduct of licensees, in accordance with RSA 91-A:3, II (c), RSA 91-A:3, II (e), RSA 91-A:5, IV, Lodge v. Knowlton, 118 N.H. 574 (1978), and the Board’s executive and deliberative privileges.  Each member recorded his or her vote on the motion, which passed by the unanimous vote of all members present.

Upon the motion of David Sundell and the second of Deborah Warner,  the Board by roll call vote, resolved to withhold the minutes of the preceding non-public session, with the exception of approved applications, responses to motions and disciplinary actions until they are served, from public disclosure pursuant to RSA 91-A:3, III on the grounds that public disclosure would be likely to affect adversely the reputation of a person other than a Board member and to render the proposed action ineffective.  Each member recorded his or her vote on the motion, which passed by the unanimous vote of all members present.


A.   Approved mental health counselors:  Susan Brown and James Sweeney.

B.  Approved clinical social workers:  Linda Brewer, Anne Lopoz, and  Bernadette Blake

C.   Approved psychologists:  William Hudenko, Kathryn Robbins, Steven  Rubenzer, Emily Cushman.

D.   Approved marriage & family therapists – Deborah Winslow and Allison Carey.                          

E.  Approved pastoral psychotherapists – no applicants reviewed  this  month


A.  Mental Health Counselors:  Michelle Wright, Mark Baddeley, Jessica Conrad,  Linda McDow, Shannon Tawney, Lorilee Ford, and Cynthia McCusick..

B.  Social Workers: John Iudice, Katie McGrath, Samuel Sobel, Jessica Pulver, Jennifer Kinsey and Rilka Stefanov.

C.  Marriage & Family Therapists:  Meredith Haggemiller

D.  Psychologists:  Stephanie Clouse

E.  Pastoral Psychotherapists:  no agreements reviewed this month

Meeting was adjourned at 3:35 PM

Next meeting scheduled for June 17, 2011

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