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Sheila Renaud-Finnegan, Joni Haley, Jet Goldberg, David Braiterman, Karen Jennings, Julie Introcaso, David Sundell and Thomas Boulter

Not Present:--

Julie Introcaso, Board Chair, called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM

Draft minutes of the March 16, 2007 meeting were reviewed. Motion was made by Joni Haley and seconded by David Braiterman to accept the minutes as read.

Motion passed.

For: SRF, JI, JH, JG, DB, KJ
Opposed: 0
Recused: TB, SD (were not present at 3/16/07 meeting)

I. Registered Alternative Provider put on file

A. Lynne Martin
B. Laura Silke

II. Correspondence

A. Francis Deisler, Ph.D. - The Board reviewed Dr. Deisler's request for NAFC to become an approved CEU provider. Motion was made by Julie Introcaso and seconded by David Braiterman to inform Dr. Deisler that the Board relies on the professional associations to approve CEU's and refer him to Mhp 403.02 (b).

Motion passed.

B. Dean Melrose - The Board reviewed Mr. Melrose's letter regarding NH law governing the process of referring patients at immInent risk of harm to themselves for evaluation at local hospitals. Motion was made by Sheila Renaud-Finnegan and seconded by Julie Introcaso to write to Mr. Melrose and suggest that this is a matter for ethics training by the guilds.

Motion passed.

C. MHC Advisory Board - The Board reviewed a letter from the MHC advisory board expressing their concerns about the board's decision to license Ms. Salvatoriello. Motion was made by Sheila Renaud-Finnegan and seconded by Joni Haley to send a letter to the committee members expressing the Board's appreciation of their letter and informing them that in the future, during hearings, the Board will try to utilize a substitute member as allowed by RSA 330-A:28 I-a.

Motion passed (Jet Goldberg recused).

Upon the motion of Julie Introcaso and seconded by Sheila Renaud-Finnegan, the Board, by roll call vote, resolved to conduct a non-public session for the purpose of discussing application, investigations of alleged misconduct of licensees, in accordance with RSA 91-A:3, II (c), RSA 91-A:3, II (e), RSA 91-A:5, IV, Lodge v. Knowlton, 118 N.H. 574 (1978), and the Board's executive and deliberative privileges. Each member recorded his or her vote on the motion, which passed by the unanimous vote of all members present.

Upon the motion of Julie Introcaso and the second of Sheila Renaud-Finnegan, the Board by roll call vote, resolved to withhold the minutes of the preceding non-public session, with the exception of approved applications, responses to motions and Disciplinary Actions until they are served, from public disclosure pursuant to RSA 91-A:3, III on the grounds that public disclosure would be likely to affect adversely the reputation of a person other than a Board member and to render the proposed action ineffective. Each member recorded his or her vote on the motion, which passed by the unanimous vote of all members present.

I. Applications Approved for Licensure

1. Approved mental health counselors: Susanne Haseman, Jayne Simpson, Nina Albano, Ellen Ronka, Holly Cerny, Katherine Lemear, Rose Cotronea

2. Approved clinical social workers: Deborah Mayes, Linda Neily, Michael Normandin, Caroline Renau, Catherine Taylor, Mary Ann Clendenin.

3. Approved psychologists: Dominic Candido, Ph.D. via CPQ

4. Approved marriage & family therapists - Jeri Ryan

5. Approved pastoral psychotherapists - no applicants this month

II. Candidate for Licensure: Supervisory Agreements

1. Mental Health Counselors: Linda Levasseaur, David Gotjen, Aimee Kolomick, James Wood, Melissa Gretz, Patricia Bolter, Jennifer Ivas

2. Social Workers: Sarah Gilman, Janice MacKenzie, Meredith Bollinger, Jillianne DeLaHunt, Lisa Donnell, Julia Lamb, Wendy Allen, Gail Minschwaner.

3. Marriage & Family Therapists: no agreements this month

4. Psychologists: no agreements this month

5. Pastoral Psychotherapists - Laurence Heckscher

III. Disciplinary Action

A. Leslie Horner-Wright, LCMHC - The Board approved a Voluntary Surrender signed by Ms. Horner-Wright.

B. Anita Remig, Ed.D., Licensed Psychologist - The Board issued a Decision and Order on Docket No. 2006-002. (Dr. Jennings, Ms. Introcaso and Mr. Braiterman were recused on this matter)

C. Martin Connarton - The Board informed Mr. Connarton that he has met all of the requirements of his Settlement Agreement dated September 19, 2003. He is in good standing with the Board and his license is no longer restricted.

Meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM

Next meeting scheduled for Friday, May 18, 2007

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