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(Minutes are entered once read and approved by the Board)

BOARD MEETING MINUTES – January 18, 2013

Present: Alan Goodman, Ph.D., LCMHC, Shawn Hassell, MS, LMFT, David Sundell, D.Min., LPP, Kim Spencer, MSW, LICSW, Deborah Warner, Ph.D., LP, Jane Power Kilcoyne, Ed.D., Public Member and Honorable Joseph P. Nadeau, Public Member present by teleconference call as allowed by RSA 91-A:2 III.

Not present: Kathleen Skinner Shulman, Ed.D., public member

Pursuant to RSA 91-A III (a) Joseph Nadeau stated that he was 1500 miles away and unable to attend the meeting in person.

Board meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM.

Upon the motion of David Sundell and seconded by Jane Kilcoyne, the Board, by roll call vote, resolved to conduct a non-public session for the purpose of discussing applications, investigations of alleged misconduct of licensees, final disciplinary action and other adjudicatory decisions, in accordance with RSA 91-A:3, II (c), RSA 91-A:3, II (e), RSA 91-A:5, IV, Lodge v. Knowlton, 118 N.H. 574 (1978), RSA 330-A:29, V, and the Board’s executive and deliberative privileges. Each member recorded his or her vote on the motion, which passed by the unanimous vote of all members present.

Upon the motion of Shawn Hassell and the second of Jane Kilcoyne, the Board by roll call vote, resolved to withhold the minutes of the preceding non-public session, with the exception of approved applications, responses to motions and disciplinary actions until they are served, and CEU’s for Professional Conduct Investigators from public disclosure pursuant to RSA 91-A:3, III on the grounds that public disclosure would be likely to affect adversely the reputation of a person other than a Board member and to render the proposed action ineffective. Each member recorded his or her vote on the motion, which passed by the unanimous vote of all members present.

[Non-public minutes held separately]


A. Approved mental health counselors: Todd Bennett, Joan Thompson, Dawna Jones, Rejane Baggie-Lowry and Faith Anna Thibeault.

B.Approved clinical social workers: Adrianna Catlin, Margreta Weber and Tracie Warner.

C. Approved psychologists: no applicants reviewed for licensure this month

D. Approved marriage & family therapists – Erik Spofford

E. Approved pastoral psychotherapists – no applicants reviewed for licensure this month


A. Mental Health Counselors: Sarah Miner, Emily Musty, Erica Cote, Lisa DeHaan, Hayley Langmaid, Jessica Teixeira and Angela Jones.

B . Social Workers: Katrin Tchana, Thomas Gross and Amy Pellegrini.

C. Marriage & Family Therapists: no agreements for review this month

D. Psychologists: Leslie Gerrard, Patricia O’Malley and Laszlo Erdodi.

E.Pastoral Psychotherapists: no agreements for review this month

Public session resumed.

Draft minutes of the December 14, 2012 meeting were reviewed by the Board. Motion was made by David Sundell and seconded by Alan Goodman to approve the minutes with the following corrections: page 2 A HB 1508 – correct vote to read: Opposed: DW, page 3 III C add the words “scope of”, before the word practice, to the definitions of encumbered and restriction.

Vote: For: JN, SH, DS, AG, JK, KS, DW
Opposed: 0
Recused: 0


A. HB 1508 – Tabled until February 15, 2013


A. Andru Volinsky, Esq. – The Board reviewed a letter from Mr.Volinsky asking to speak to the Board of Mental Health Practice about its regulations and their impact upon graduates of the University of New England’s on line MSW program. Motion was made by Jane Kilcoyne and seconded by Alan Goodman to allow Mr. Volinsky 15 minutes to address the Board at its February 15, 2013 meeting.

Vote For: JN, AG, SH, DS, KS, JK, DW
Opposed: 0
Recused: 0

B. Fernandez, Sylvia, Chair CACREP – re: CACREP standards and federal reimbursement – Tabled until February 15, 2013.


A. Corrective Supervision Manual – an updated draft manual was distributed for Board review. Board members will send suggested changes to Deborah Warner by February 1, 2013. The Board will re-review the manual at a scheduled Board meeting in 2013.

B. Order of Formal Investigation – The Board reviewed a revised Order of Formal Investigation. Motion was made by David Sundell and seconded by Jane Kilcoyne to approve the order as written.

Vote:For: JN, DS, AG, JK, SH
Opposed: DW

Not present: KS


A. Professional Conduct Investigator – The Board issued a certificate for 20 continuing education ethics credits to Professional Conduct Investigator Ann Wadsworth, LICSW for her work on a report of investigation.

IV. DOCKET NO 12-004 – Hearing on the application of Kimberly Marsh, MSW

A. The hearing on this matter has been rescheduled to 1:30 pm on Friday, February 15, 2013 at the Board Office, 117 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301

Meeting was adjourned at 12:15 PM

Next meeting scheduled for February 15, 2013






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