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Social Work Advisory Committee Minutes - September 9, 2005

Sheila Renaud-Finnegan - Board member Ann McCausland Mary Ellen Forrestall-Nicholls Gary Eager Jill Beardsley

Discussion took place on the following:

1. Sheila Renaud-Finnegan reviewed rules process changes Social Work and the application process.

2. Specific discussion centered on whether learning contract should be approved prior to supervision beginning as per statute. Committee concurred that this standard should be maintained. Committee feels that the board gave adequate notice about the implementation of the rule and there should not be exceptions to it.

3. The committee also reviewed the list of course requirements and suggested alternate course titles, which would meet the requirements listed in the rules.

4. During the discussion of the practical requirements and number of post-degree hours of clinical experience it was suggested that ASWB be contacted to find out the requirements in other states.

5. The advisory committee suggested changes to the language of the rule restricting the use of one’s own private practice towards meeting the clinical experience requirements towards licensure.

6. The committee also discussed the merits of establishing a mediation process prior to the investigation process. They also discussed the possibility of using the respective professional organizations for such mediation prior to Board involvement.

Next meeting scheduled for October 14, 2005 11am – 12 pm.

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