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Meeting between Board and Advisory Committees - January 14, 2005

Board Members: Ron Dieter, Jet Goldberg, Joni Haley, Mike Mortimer, Sheila Renaud-Finnegan
Advisory Committee Members: Mike Kandle, Eric Mart, Bill Manseau, Gary Eager, Anne McCausland, Mary Ellen Nicholls, Allison Doyle, Tom Linehan, George Samuels, Stephanie Williston, Gail Mears and Adele Bradley
Board Counsel: Anne Edwards

1) The Board reviewed the audit report with the committees

2) Issues for advisory committees in assisting the Board with rule writing

a) Guidance for documenting investigations and look at diagram in audit
b) Rules for conducting investigations
c) Roles and responsibilities of supervisors
d) Process for recruiting and training PCI's

3) Observations #3, #6 and # 15 call for possible legislation changes

a) #3 - Deals with process of appointing substitute members in order to have a quorum when a complaint involves a board member. There needs to be a system to recommend to the legislators (lottery, former board members)

b) #6 - Deals with supervisor's roles as agents of the Board and access to the ROI. AG's office believes supervisors are protected, however, supervisors don't feel this way. The ROI is confidential unless it goes to hearing. The statute would need to change to allow supervisors and licensees to see the ROI.

c) #15 - Deals with quorum requirements. This might be able to be changed with general legislation

4) List of things to be done:

a) Ask Webmaster to put a link to the audit report from Board's website

b) Check with other board's to see how they handle complaints against their own board members and if they have a procedure if there is no quorum available for complaints.

c) Is there criteria the advisory committees want the Board to consider when choosing supervisors for Settlement Agreements? It is possible that each profession would want to present certain criteria they need to meet.

5) Discussion of possible meeting for all advisory committees to be scheduled after 2/11/05.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM

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