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Mandatory Reporting of ADS Cases:
Effective November 2008

According to RSA 171-A:30, "Physicians, psychologists, and any other licensed or certified health care provider who is qualified by training to make the diagnosis [of autism] and who then makes the diagnosis that a child is affected by ASD [autism spectrum disorder] shall report all NEW cases of this diagnosis to the Department".

Please note that individuals diagnosed before November 1, 2008 should NOT be registered. The NH Autism Registry is for NEWLY diagnosed individuals only.

The Bureau of Developmental Services has developed an on-line reporting mechanism which can be accessed through the Home Page of the NH Bureau of Developmental Services at:

Informational Materials:
Autism Specturm Disorder Register Brochure Adobe Acrobat
Registry FAQ's Adobe Acrobat

If you have specific questions that were not addressed in either document, please contact the NH Bureau of Developmental Services, Child and Family Supports and Services at 603-271-5019

Telephone: 603-271-6762
TDD Access: Relay NH 1-800-735-2954
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