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FAQ - Patients and Families
I Made a Complaint Four Months Ago. I Got a Letter Thanking Me For This, But Nothing Ever Happened.
You may call our toll-free number to inquire. The Board’s vote to take no further action or to issue a Letter of Concern, is not made public. However, you will be informed in writing that the Board has investigated the complaint and this investigation did not result in a formal disciplinary action against the doctor. The Board’s vote to take disciplinary action becomes public after either a Notice of Hearing is issued or a Settlement Agreement is approved by the Board. Before a Settlement Agreement is presented to the Board, Hearing Counsel will contact the complainant for input. Please note that only the complainant will be contacted for input before a settlement agreement is presented to the Board. This means that if the Board has commenced an investigation against a licensee due to the superior court notifying the Board of a court action, there would be no complainant on file with the Board and thus input will not be sought prior to settlement agreement presentation.

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