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FAQ - Physicians
What Actions are Taken by the Board, and What is the Statistical Breakdown?

July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012
A total of 659 consumer (patient) complaints, notice of malpractice suits, reservable claim reports from insurance companies and/or complaints from other sources were closed between July 1, 2011and June 30, 2012. Of those total matters closed, 51 were unfounded pursuant to RSA 329:17, XIII, which deems a complaint is unfounded if it does not fall within the jurisdiction of the Board, does not relate to the actions of the licensee, or is determined by the Board to be frivolous; 269 were voted on by the Board for no further action; 283 confidential Letters of Concern were issued, pursuant to RSA 329:17, VII-a. These letters advise the licensee that while there is insufficient evidence to support disciplinary action, the Board believes the physician should modify or eliminate certain practices, and that continuation of the activities which led to the information being submitted to the Board may result in action against the licensee's license. These letters are not released to the public or any other licensing authority, except that the letters may be used as evidence in subsequent disciplinary proceedings by the Board. Also during this time frame, the Board imposed disciplinary action in 31 matters: twelve Settlement Agreements for professional misconduct, four Preliminary Agreements for Practice Restrictions, one voluntary surrender of license, three reciprocal actions, one denial of license, revocation of one license and nine orders issued pursuant to a Disciiplinary Hearing.

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