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FAQ - Patients and Families
What Happens Once the Board has the Complaint and Response?
Your complaint is sent to a subcommittee, called the Medical Review Subcommittee or MRSC. The MRSC is comprised of different members than the Board, and is composed of 11 volunteer members: six physicians, one physician assistant (PA), three non-physician public members and the vice-president of the Board. MRSC members are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Executive Council and serve up to two three-year terms. Your complaint is assigned to one member of the MRSC for investigation. In conjunction with the Board’s investigatory staff, that member will obtain any further necessary medical records and/or responses from other physicians. This member will draft a Report of Investigation and discuss it with the other MRSC members. If necessary, the MRSC may send the information gathered to a physician, who is an expert in the relevant medical field, to review all the documentation. The expert physician will draft the Report of Investigation and return it to the MRSC for review. The MRSC forwards all Reports of Investigations to the Board with a recommendation.

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