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As of January 1, 2015, the statute of limitations for Board investigations is five-years from the date upon which the alleged violation of the Board’s statute or rules occurred. There are very limited exceptions which are explained in RSA 332-G:9:

332-G:9 Limitations on Actions.
I. No disciplinary proceeding against an occupational licensee shall be initiated by a regulatory board or commission unless such action is commenced within 5 years of the date upon which the alleged violation of an applicable statute or rule occurred, or within 5 years of the date upon which the violation could reasonably have been discovered.
II. The time limitation provided in paragraph I shall be tolled (1) during the period of time during which a criminal action on the matter is pending in a trial court of this state, or of another state, or of the United States, (2) during the time in which a complainant is a minor or incapacitated, and (3) during any time which the accused prevents discovery of the subject matter of the alleged violation.
III. The time limitations established in this section shall not apply to the commencement of actions initiated by the real estate appraiser board under RSA 310-B.

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