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Board Actions - 2014

Rebeca Alvarez-Altalef, M.D. – License #15173
1/10/14 – The Board of Medicine approved an Agreement for Non-Disciplinary Remedial Action for Rebeca Alvarez-Altalef M.D. Dr. Alvarez-Altalef was not in compliance with her monitoring contract with the New Hampshire Professionals Health Program (“NH PHP”) for not being consistent with her random urine testing. The Board has received and reviewed information pertaining to Dr. Alvarez-Altalef’s physical and mental disabilities. The Board finds that Dr. Alvarez-Altalef is afflicted with physical and mental disabilities that are currently deemed dangerous to the public health. Dr. Alverez-Altalef license to practice medicine is restricted through inactivation.

Walter J. Griffiths, M.D. – License #5661
1/21/14 – The Board of Medicine issued an Order Restoring Unrestricted License. The Board finds that Dr. Griffiths has complied with all provisions of the August 5, 2011 Settlement Agreement and finds that it is appropriate to remove all conditions placed on his medical license at this time. Therefore Dr. Griffiths’ medical license is restored to an unrestricted license.

Mary Jo Montanarella, M.D. – License #8358
2/11/14 - The Board approved a Settlement Agreement reached between the Administrative Prosecution Unit and Dr. Mary J. Montanarella, M.D. The agreement included accepting a reprimand from the Board for Dr. Montanarella's failure to obtain court approval before conducting a hysterectomy on a minor.

Ralph Sloan Wilson, M.D. – No License #
2/12/14 – The Board of Medicine issued a Final Decision and Order in the matter of Ralph Sloan Wilson, M.D. Dr. Wilson is not a licensed physician in New Hampshire, yet he admittedly prescribes a treatment of medicine where he writes a prescription in this State for his continued maintenance medical issues. It is therefore ordered that Dr. Wilson shall cease and desist from writing prescriptions in New Hampshire and is issued an administrative fine in the amount of $1000.00.

Joseph B. Savage, M.D. – License #6425
2/12/14 – The Board of Medicine approved a Settlement Agreement for Joseph Savage, M.D. Dr. Savage is reprimanded and his license suspension is lifted subjected to restrictions placed on his license. He cannot return to solo practice; must be employed as a physician, for as long as he holds a NH medical license, by at least one other physician, or a health care facility with a medical director, who is licensed to practice medicine in the state of NH and must remain under the treatment and monitoring of the NH PHP for as long as he holds a NH medical license.

Sayed H. Elsiah, M.D. – License #7300
2/13/14 – The Board issued an Order of Denial for Dr. Elsiah’s reinstatement application to practice medicine in New Hampshire. The Board finds that Dr. Elsiah did not meet his burden of proof in proving that he possesses the necessary educational, character and other professional qualifications to practice medicine in the State of New Hampshire. When completing his reinstatement application, Dr. Elsiah failed to provide all relevant information related to previous work history.

Ashish C. Chaudhari, M.D. – License #11302
3/11/14 – The Board of Medicine issued a Final Decision and Order for Ashish Chaudhari, M.D. reprimanding him for failing in his professional responsibility to a patient he was presented with as the on-call emergency room specialist. Dr. Chaudhari is also required to participate in 10 hours of continuing medical education in the areas of infectious diseases and medical ethics.

Jeffrey D. Isaacs, M.D. – License #RT-2198
3/11/14 – The Board issued a Final Decision and Order for Jeffrey D. Isaacs M.D. Dr. Isaacs obtained a Resident Training license for a training program at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center ("DHMC"). Dr. Isaacs was subsequently terminated from that program where he allegedly omitted material facts from his application. After a hearing held at the Board of Medicine, it was determined that Dr. Isaacs knowingly made a false statement and further failed to disclose a material fact on his training licensure application. The license of Dr. Isaacs is revoked and he is reprimanded.

Adnan S. Khan, M.D. – License #13404
4/4/14 – The Board of Medicine issued a Settlement Agreement for Adnan S. Khan, M.D. Dr. Khan failed to appropriately diagnose and treat a ventricular fibrillation cardiac arrest. Dr. Khan is reprimanded and required to complete an additional 15 CMEs in the areas of Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Dr. Khan is assessed an administrative fine in the amount of $1,000.

Richard J. Keller, M.D. – License #11662
4/7/14 – The Board of Medicine accepted a Voluntary Surrender of License from Richard J. Keller, M.D. Dr. Keller relinquishes all rights and privileges to practice medicine in the State of New Hampshire. Before the Board are professional misconduct allegations concerning a plea of guilty in federal district court to indictments of receiving child pornography.

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