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About the Board
The Board of Medicine retains disciplinary documents on this website for a 10 year period. Older disciplinary action is noted on the website, but the disciplinary documents are only available through the Board office. You may contact Penny Taylor at (603) 271-1205 or for a copy of the disciplinary documents not on this website.

Board Actions - 2015

John J. Schermerhorn, M.D. – License #5682
1/7/15 – The Board of Medicine entered in a Settlement Agreement with John J. Schermerhorn, M.D. Dr. Schermerhorn failed to provide adequate supervision over Mr. Clough’s performance in order to ensure that appropriate directions were given to, and under stood and executed by Mr. Clough and that medical and surgical conditions were appropriately evaluated and treated by Mr. Cough. Dr. Schermerhorn is reprimanded and before serving as a registered supervisory physician and/or an alternate registered supervisory physician in the future, he must obtain prior written permission of the Board and complete any continuing education courses that the Board may deem appropriate at the time that he seeks permission to supervise.

Brian E. Claussen, M.D. – License # 10608
2/6/15 – On January 21, 2015, the Board of Medicine approved a Settlement Agreement for Brian E. Claussen, M.D. Dr. Claussen was grossly and repeatedly negligent and displayed medical practice incompatible with the basic knowledge and competence expected of a person practicing Obstetrics when he failed to manage two patients with preeclampsia. Dr. Claussen is Reprimanded and assessed an Administrative Fine in the amount of $2,000.00. Dr. Claussen must discontinue the practice of obstetrics and shall not take part in any obstetric cases. Dr. Claussen shall participate in twelve hours of Continuing Medical Education focused on diagnosis and management of hypertensive disorder of pregnancy.

Lloyd H. Kasper, M.D. – License # 6205
4/3/15 - On April 3, 2015, the Board of Medicine accepted a Voluntary Permanent Surrender of License from Lloyd H. Kasper, M.D. Dr. Kasper relinquishes all rights and privileges to practice medicine in the State of New Hampshire. Prior to the voluntary surrender Dr. Kasper was facing allegations of professional misconduct including allegations concerning the failure to ensure that communication protocols and systems in connection with certain drug trials were sufficient and were being followed to fully address clinical care and patient oversight; engaging in improper and disruptive behavior in the workplace; and failure to take appropriate remedial action.

Bijoy L. Kundu, M.D. - License #5387
2/4/15 - The Board denied Bijoy Kundu, M.D. application for an administrative license. See Order of Conditional Denial. Dr. Kundu entered into a settlement agreement on November 4, 2010 that dealt with quality of care issues. Within that settlement Dr. Kundu was to complete a three-year residency. The Board finds that the same concerns that led to the recommendation for a residency program would also apply with an administrative license. Dr. Kundu does not intend to complete the residency therefore, Dr. Kundu”s application is denied based upon a determination that she does not meet the qualifications for an administrative license in New Hampshire.

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