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Board Actions - 2003

Mark L. Timmerman, M.D. License #7663 Merrimack, NH
1/17/03 - Settlement Agreement between the parties, the Board found Dr. Timmerman committed repeated negligence and displayed a pattern of behavior which fell below the expected level of competence in his care and treatment of one patient's hypertension and hyperthyroidism over the course of several years. Reprimand, 15 hours of continuing medical education in diagnosis and treatment of hypertension and hyperthyroidism; and administrative fine of $500.00.

Gregory M. Lynch, M.D. License #8168 Derry, NH
3/21/01 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand. Delay in a Cesarean section causing baby to be born in a vegetative state and, eventually, die.
3/18/02 - Order Amending Settlement Agreement. Replace paragraph 7(B) of the Settlement Agreement to read "The Respondent ceased practicing obstetrics in October of 1999. This was a voluntary decision on his part, and was made with the intention that it be permanent, with no intention to resume the practice of obstetrics at any time. The Respondent hereby affirms to the Board that he is not, and will not, be practicing obstetrics. Any deviation from this affirmation may be grounds for further discipline."
3/24/03 - Integrated Settlement Agreement. Board voted to combine 3/21/01 "Settlement Agreement" and 3/18/02 "Order Amending Settlement Agreement".

Peter B. Hope, M.D. License #3573 Moultonboro, NH
5/1/02 - Emergency Suspension. Alleged sexual relations with a patient.
3/7/03 - Consent Decree. Sexual misconduct in the practice of medicine and non-sexual contact with a patient perceived as leading to sexual contact. Revocation. Prohibition of future application for medical licensure in New Hampshire or any other state. Establishment of system and process for lawful discharge of duties related to patient medical records.

Thomas L. Meyer, M.D. License #6953 Rochester, NH
2/12/92 - Order. Licensee reprimanded and restrictions placed on license based on allegation of unprofessional conduct. Restrictions include a requirement for treatment of female patients only when a nurse or other female attendant is present in the outer office, continuing medical education on transference and counter-transference and supervision of his practice.
2/18/93 - Amendment to Disciplinary Order. Dr. Meyer's petition was granted with regard to the elimination of the ongoing psychotherapy requirement and the 2/12/92 order was modified to delete Paragraph II-C.
12/31/97 - Recommended Decision. Hearing officer recommends that, following a 60-day transition period, Dr. Meyer's license be restricted to preclude any psychotherapy or other treatment of private patients which is not supervised by another psychiatrist.
4/8/98 - Decision and Order. Based on allegations of unprofessional conduct in the treatment of 2 female patients, license restricted to require supervision of all treatment of female psychotherapy patients.
5/8/01 - Order of the Board- Motion to Terminate Supervision. Motion denied.
8/8/01 - Order of the Board - Motion for Reconsideration of Denial of Motion to Terminate Supervision. Motion denied.
5/7/02 - Order of the Board - Motion to Remove Restriction on License. Motion denied.
3/28/03 - Order Removing Restrictions. Full and unrestricted license.

Jeffrey Haines, M.D. License #7541 Sunapee, NH
4/04/01 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimanded. Respondent violated the boundaries of the doctor/patient relationship.
4/04/03 - Order Approving Psychiatrist in accordance with the April 9, 2001 Settlement Agreement.
4/16/03 - Board issued an Errata.
7/8/03 - Order Removing Restrictions. Full and unrestricted license.

Matthew V. Hopkins, M. D. License #RT-770 Enfield, NH
5/8/03 - Order of Emergency Suspension and Notice of Hearing was issued. Allegations in support of order included: issuance of prescriptions to individuals for Adderall 20mg. knowing that the individuals were names of fictitious patients; accepting filled prescriptions issued to fictitious patients, thereby taking possession of the Schedule II controlled substance by fraud and or deceit: improperly dispensing Adderall to his spouse; and failing to submit only truthful and correct information to the Board. The Board has scheduled a hearing on May 15, 2003.
5/14/03- Order Granting Continuance of the Hearing until July 2, 2003. License shall remain suspended for 120 days from the date of the Order of Emergency Suspension, or until further order of the Board, whichever is sooner.

Harry K. Wisner, M. D. License #11947 Hanover, NH
5/19/03 - Consent Order issued by the Board. Dr. Wisner agreed to and was granted a restricted license to practice medicine in New Hampshire with respect to the practice of surgery. Dr. Wisner shall practice only as an assistant in surgery and shall not be the primary surgeon in any surgical case.

Bertrand P. Cole, D.O. License #9985 North Hampton, NH
6/11/03 - By settlement agreement, Dr. Cole was reprimanded, administered a $500 fine, and agreed to take a pharmacy jurisprudence examination. The Board found he had committed unprofessional conduct by prescribing narcotic drugs to two patients without recording that he had conducted an appropriate physical examination or obtained an appropriate history, by prescribing increasing amounts of narcotic drugs to the patients without recording the dosage in the medical records or documenting a rational for the increase, by not enforcing the patients' pain contract, and by issuing prescriptions to the patients that exceeded his own documented dosage.

Jehangir S. Vazifdar, M.D. - #3639 Meredith, NH
11/13/02 - Settlement Agreement. Licensee's license to prescribe Schedule II drugs is restricted. Licensee is not restricted from prescribing Schedule III, IV and V drugs. Restriction in place until further order of the Board. Licensee shall take and successfully pass the NH Board of Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination within 90 days of effective date of settlement agreement; within six months of the effective date of the settlement agreement, licensee shall attend and complete the Intensive Course in Controlled Substance Management at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, or reasonable substitute approved by the Board. This course shall be in addition to any continuing education requirements for licensure.
7/8/03 - Order Removing Restrictions. Full and unrestricted license.

Barbara Kolinsky, PA License #0041 Berlin, NH
2/13/01 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand. Habitual user of alcohol.
11/14/02 - Settlement Agreement on basis of relapse of substance abuse. The licensee is reprimanded. Licensee shall continue to participate in the Physician's Health Program, under supervision of Sally Garhart, M.D. or her successor, for a period of (5) years from the effective date of this settlement agreement. During this time the terms of licensees PHP contract shall include, at a minimum, participation in support groups, psychotherapy or counseling, random urine and breath monitoring, monthly contact with PHP and clinical supervision and monitoring by a registered physician. She shall also maintain a record of her compliance with these terms to include dates and the name of the person(s) who can verify her compliance.
8/6/03 - Decision & Order. Licensee engaged in unprofessional conduct and violated statute regarding habitual use of intoxicants, by failing to abstain from mood changing chemicals, including alcohol and Xanax not prescribed by her physician, psychiatrist or approved by the PHP and testing positive in violation of her PHP contract and providing false information to the PHP. Her physician assistant license is suspended for one year subject to the conditions specified in the Order. She may petition the Board to stay six months of the suspension if she demonstrates successful compliance with conditions, including participation in designated treatment programs.

Serafin C. Anderson, M.D. - License #7734 Wilton, NH
8/6/03 - By consent decree, the Board of Medicine temporarily suspended the license of Serafin Anderson, M.D. to practice medicine pending further proceedings. Respondent is currently hospitalized inasmuch as she is "afflicted with physical disability, insanity, psychiatric disorders, or other disease deemed dangerous to the public health" and is, therefore, incapable of safely practicing medicine.

Richard K. Hacker, M.D. -License #9189 Keene, NH
8/11/03 - Settlement Agreement. The Board found that Richard K. Hacker, M.D., engaged in unprofessional conduct by engaging in certain personal behavior with a female patient. By settlement agreement Dr. Hacker's license is suspended for six months, with five months stayed, commencing September 10, 2003. He is assessed an administrative fine in the amount of 2,000.00, license to practice medicine is restricted to a hospital setting for a period of two years. During this period, he shall only provide treatment to female patients while chaperoned by a member of the hospital staff. Dr. Hacker is required to participate in a program of 16 hours of continuing medical education to address the issue of sexual boundaries.

Walter L. Lima, M.D. - License #5006 Manchester, NH
8/28/03 - By consent decree, the Board of Medicine has suspended the license of Walter Lima, M.D., to practice medicine for no more than one hundred twenty days pending completion of an adjudicatory proceeding. Respondent is currently undergoing testing under the care of a medical provider to evaluate a medical condition that may hamper his ability to competently practice medicine.

Greg R. Thompson, M.D. License #6720 Plaistow, NH
7/3/97 - Decision and Order. License revoked effective September 2, 1997, based on allegations of sexual misconduct. May reapply for licensure after 4 years.
6/22/99 - Decision and Order. License revoked.
10/22/99 - Order of Conditional Approval. Dr. Thompson received a license to practice with conditions.
8/10/00 - Order for Conditional Approval. License granted with conditions.
7/27/01 - Order Removing Restrictions. Dr. Thompson's license is a full and unrestricted license.
10/6/03 - Settlement Agreement. Dr. Thompson was reprimanded and assessed an administrative fine in the amount of one thousand dollars. The Board found that Dr. Thompson has engaged in professional misconduct by failing to maintain adequate medical records. The Board also required Dr. Thompson to participate in the Physician Health Program for a period of five years.

Ted E. Hartman, M.D. Barnet, VT
9/9/03 - Order of Conditional Denial. Dr. Hartman's license was revoked or surrendered in three other jurisdictions. The Board of Medicine found that the violations in South Carolina regarding sexual relations with a patient would, if presented in New Hampshire, be grounds for imposing discipline and therefore, constitutes grounds for denial of a license.

Walter L. Lima, M.D. Bedford, NH
9/27/03 - The Board accepted Dr. Walter L. Lima's voluntary surrender of his New Hampshire medical license due to a medical condition which interferes with his practice of medicine.

Serafin C. Anderson, M.D. Amherst, NH
11/13/03 - The Board entered into a Settlement Agreement with Dr. Serafin Anderson where by her license is temporarily suspended and she is required to obtain medical treatment. Dr. Anderson was hospitalized with a physical or mental disability or other disease deemed dangerous to the public health. The respondent was, therefore, incapable of safely practicing medicine.

Nicola J. Miragliuolo, M.D. Hollis, NH
11/13/03 - The Board accepted Dr. Nicola Miragliuolo's voluntary surrender of her New Hampshire medical license due to an arrest for driving under the influence and failure to report to Physician's Health Program as required by her contract. She also provided medical care to others while under the influence of alcohol.

H. Marc Watzman, M.D. Chicago, IL
12/31/03 - The Board of Medicine terminated Dr. Watzman Locum Tenens license. The Board was notified on November 13, 2003 that Dr. Watzman's privileges to practice at DHMC had been administratively terminated on October 18, 2003. Because the conditions of practice was limited to DHMC, Dr. Watzman's Locum Tenens license to practice in New Hampshire was terminated, effective October 18, 2003.

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