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Board Actions - 2002

Ali Ata, M.D. License #4994 - Manchester, NH
1/7/02 - Settlement Agreement - The allegations are that he engaged in an inappropriate or offensive manner with female medical staff of CMC, within the context of the hospital and while Dr. Ata was on duty per RSA 329:17, VI (d).

Norman W. Crisp, Jr., M.D. - Nashua, NH
1/7/02 - Final Order - Dr. Crisp's license was lapsed and he engaged in the practice of medicine although he was aware his license had lapsed. The Board also finds that he failed to complete his CME requirements necessary for renewal.

Rosa Roofeh, M.D. - Manchester, NH
1/8/02 - Reprimand - $1500 fine for dishonest or unprofessional conduct per RSA 329:17(d) relating to fraudulent billing practices and $1500 fine for failure to maintain adequate medical records per RSA 329:17, VI (k).

Patricia Grogan, M.D. - Keene, NH
1/9/02 - Decision and Order. The Board received a consent order from the N.C. Medical Board dated 6/22/00, which imposed disciplinary sanctions against Dr. Grogan. This arose out of disciplinary proceedings that had commenced in October of 1999, and continued through the June 2000 consent order. The consent order resolved certain boundary issues between Dr. Grogan and her patients. Dr. Grogan was aware of the N.C. proceedings at the time she filed her 2000 renewal application in NH, but did not reveal this information. License suspended for a period of 60 days. This suspension shall be stayed for a period of one year.
5/7/02 - Order Approving Supervisor.

Sankar N. Banerjee, M.D. - License #8871
9/24/99 - Order of Revocation. License revoked effective 9/2/99 for providing the Board with inaccurate and incorrect information on his 1999 license renewal application.
5/25/01 - Order Of Conditional Denial. Applicant must request a hearing to show cause why he should not be denied a license within thirty (30) days. Applicant can reapply for reinstatement at such time as he can provide proof of completing additional training or continuing medical education in the areas in which the applicant has been found deficient.
1/15/02 - Order - Application for reinstatement of license denied.

Gudbjoin Karlsson, M.D. - Resident License #RT-771
2/13/02 - Settlement Agreement - Inaccurate information provided on initial resident application. Dr. Karlsson did not reveal his alcohol abuse and dependence problems. Licensed suspended for 120 days with 30 days stayed for a period of 5 years. For 5 years, Dr. Karlsson shall participate without interruption in the treatment of his substance abuse. Fined $1,000.

Louis J. Nackman, M.D. License #9740 - Manchester, NH
2/22/02 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand and $3,000.00 fine. Committed unprofessional conduct in his care of a pediatric patient who died.

Walter J. Wrobleski, M.D. - Yarmouth, ME
3/8/02 - Order of Conditional Denial. Locum Tenens License denied. Does not meet requirements.
5/9/02 - Order to Show Cause. Board received a request for a hearing from Dr. Wrobleski and issues this Order to Show Cause.
6/19/02 - Order. Dr. Wrobleski withdrew his application for Locum Tenens License.

Gregory M. Lynch, M.D. License #8168 - Derry, NH
3/21/01 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand. Delay in a Cesarean section causing baby to be born in a vegetative state and, eventually, die.
3/18/02 - Order Amending Settlement Agreement. Replace paragraph 7(B) of the Settlement Agreement to read "The Respondent ceased practicing obstetrics in October of 1999. This was a voluntary decision on his part, and was made with the intention that it be permanent, with no intention to resume the practice of obstetrics at any time. The Respondent hereby affirms to the Board that he is not, and will not, be practicing obstetrics. Any deviation from this affirmation may be grounds for further discipline."
(Also see action in 2003)

Gary E. Welliver, M.D. - Wilmington, NC
3/29/02 - Order of Conditional Denial. Applicant must request a hearing to show cause why he should not be denied a license within thirty (30) days.

Ronald G. Donelson, M.D.- Hanover, NH
3/29/02 - Order of Conditional Denial. Applicant must request a hearing to show cause why he should not be denied a license within thirty (30) days.

Paul Weinstein, M.D. License #10850- North Andover, MA
3/10/00 - Order. License granted with restrictions to include a monitoring of medical practice for 12 months. He may not practice medicine in an emergency room setting until he is re-certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.
4/12/02 - Order Amending Order Dated March 10, 2000. Paragraph A of the Order dated March 10, 2000 was amended to remove the requirement that he be recertified by the ABEM and instead require him to complete the PLAS.

Jens H. Lauridsen, M.D. - Seabrook, NH
2/7/00 - Order of Conditional Denial. Application for Locum Tenens License denied. Does not meet requirements.
3/10/00 - Order. Locum Tenens License denied. Does not meet requirements.
4/19/02 - Order of Conditional Denial. Applicant must request a hearing to show cause why he should not be denied a license within thirty (30) days.
10/30/02 - Consent Order. Dr. Lauridsen is granted a restricted license to practice medicine pursuant to RSA 329:14, III. Physician shall not practice emergency medicine, acute care medicine, primary care medicine with institutionalized populations for an indefinite period of time. Physician may practice medicine in the following settings: weight loss clinics, laser hair removal clinics, and setting where his clinical practice is restricted to performing routine physical or evaluations for employment, insurance or workmen's compensation. Physician will not practice medicine in any other setting without first seeking the approval of the N.H. Board of Medicine.

Peter B. Hope, M.D. License #3573 - Moultonboro, NH
5/1/02 - Emergency Suspension. Alleged sexual relations with a patient.
(Also see action in 2003)

Arnold R. Miller, M.D. License # 7358 - Laconia, NH
5/7/02 - Settlement Agreement. Allegations of professional misconduct.
Doctor operated on wrong site and did not inform patient.
Reprimanded and fined $500.00.

Thomas L. Meyer, M.D. License #6953 - Rochester, NH
2/12/92 - Order. Licensee reprimanded and restrictions placed on license based on allegation of unprofessional conduct. Restrictions include a requirement for treatment of female patients only when a nurse or other female attendant is present in the outer office, continuing medical education on transference and counter-transference and supervision of his practice.
2/18/93 - Amendment to Disciplinary Order. Dr. Meyer's petition was granted with regard to the elimination of the ongoing psychotherapy requirement and the 2/12/92 order was modified to delete Paragraph II-C.
12/31/97 - Recommended Decision. Hearing officer recommends that, following a 60-day transition period, Dr. Meyer's license be restricted to preclude any psychotherapy or other treatment of private patients which is not supervised by another psychiatrist.
4/8/98 - Decision and Order. Based on allegations of unprofessional conduct in the treatment of 2 female patients, license restricted to require supervision of all treatment of female psychotherapy patients.
5/8/01 - Order of the Board- Motion to Terminate Supervision. Motion denied.
8/8/01 - Order of the Board - Motion for Reconsideration of Denial of Motion to Terminate Supervision. Motion denied.
5/7/02 - Order of the Board - Motion to Remove Restriction on License. Motion denied.
(Also see action in 2003)

Dennis S. Badman, M.D. License #8928 - Sanbornville, NH
5/8/02 - Settlement Agreement. Allegations of professional misconduct.
Inappropriate prescriptive practices. Reprimanded and restricted from prescribing Schedule II drugs until he successfully completes all conditions contained in the agreement, including the NH Board of Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination and an "Intensive Course in Controlled Substance Management" at Case Western Reserve University.

Lawrence R. Jenkyn, M.D. License #6517 - Lebanon, NH
5/8/02 - Settlement Agreement. Prescriptive practices and documentation. Stayed suspension. Fine.

Deborah A. Glazer, M.D. License #7117 - Lebanon, NH
5/10/02 - Settlement Agreement. Professional misconduct. Reprimanded and restricted to labor management only under supervision of a licensed obstetrician until obstetric privileges at APDMH are reinstated. To engage in labor management under supervision at DHMC for a period of 12 months with recommendations from 3 obstetricians.
08/13/02 - Order Removing Restriction. Dr. Glazer has complied with the terms of the Settlement Agreement and the Board grants Dr. Glazer's request to remove the restrictions set forth in paragraph 6B of the Settlement Agreement.

Thomas W. Creighton, M.D. License #7213 - Bradford, VT
5/14/02 - Settlement Agreement. Restricted license. Transferred to inactive license. License to remain inactive, until all criteria are met. Dr. Creighton must demonstrate that his medical condition has sufficiently improved, and his substance abuse problem is in control. Dr. Creighton may petition the Board 120 days after effective date of this settlement agreement.

Karen L. DeJoe, D.O. License #10269 - Manchester, NH
6/20/02 - Order of Conditional Denial. Board denied Dr. DeJoe's renewal application. Dr. DeJoe has until 4:00 P.M., July 19, 2002 to request a hearing.

Charles L. Ward, Jr., M.D. License #3370 - Concord, NH
07/15/02 - Settlement Agreement. Failed to treat and follow patients with dyslipidemia and to implement or adjust drug therapy in a manner consistent with the standard of care. Required to consult with a physician approved by the Board for a period of at least twelve months, with respect to his treatment of patients with diabetes, dyslipidemia or hypertension. Required to cause consultant to report findings and comments to the Board. Required to attend seminar with a focus on the treatment of hyperlipedemia and diabetes.

Bradley N. Libenson, M.D. License #10305 - Concord, NH
6/10/98 - Settlement Agreement. License restricted based on action taken in Oregon for unprofessional conduct.
08/12/02 - Settlement Agreement. Dr. Bradley N. Libenson committed professional misconduct by his failure to abide by the terms of an order issued by the NH Board of Medicine on June 10, 1998, contrary to RSA 329:117, VI (i).

D. Brian Shea, M.D. License #9714 - Concord, NH
11/9/94 - Order of Conditional Approval. Training license restricted based on history of substance abuse.
5/1/96 - Order Granting Application. Full license granted without restrictions.
09/13/02 - Settlement Agreement. Physician with history of substance abuse suffered a relapse on July 1999. Reprimand, five-year mandatory participation in N.H. Medical Society's Physician Health Program; abstain from narcotics and unprescribed mood altering drugs; and prohibition from self-prescribing.

Jehangir S. Vazifdar, M.D. - Meredith, NH
11/13/02 - Settlement Agreement. Licensee's license to prescribe Schedule II drugs is restricted. Licensee is not restricted from prescribing Schedule III, IV and V drugs. Restriction in place until further order of the Board. Licensee shall take and successfully pass the NH Board of Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination within 90 days of effective date of settlement agreement; within six months of the effective date of the settlement agreement, licensee shall attend and complete the Intensive Course in Controlled Substance Management at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, or reasonable substitute approved by the Board. This course shall be in addition to any continuing education requirements for licensure.

Barbara Kolinsky, PA License #0041 - Berlin, NH
2/13/01 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand. Habitual user of alcohol.
11/14/02 - Settlement Agreement on basis of relapse of substance abuse. The licensee is reprimanded. Licensee shall continue to participate in the Physician's Health Program, under supervision of Sally Garhart, M.D. or her successor, for a period of (5) years from the effective date of this settlement agreement. During this time the terms of licensees PHP contract shall include, at a minimum, participation in support groups, psychotherapy or counseling, random urine and breath monitoring, monthly contact with PHP and clinical supervision and monitoring by a registered physician. She shall also maintain a record of her compliance with these terms to include dates and the name of the person(s) who can verify her compliance.

F. John Krolikowski, M.D. License #10211 - Wellesley, MA
11/14/02 - Voluntary Surrender of License. Voluntarily surrendered his license in lieu of pending reciprocal disciplinary charges.

David M. Freedman, M.D. License #6063 - Derry, NH
11/14/02 - Settlement Agreement. Licensee shall contact the Center for Personalized Education for Physicians within (20) days of the effective date of this settlement agreement, for an assessment. Assessment will determine whether licensee shall undergo an education intervention. Within 120 days licensee shall complete and sign the written assessment provided by CPEP and shall cause CPEP to send a final copy to the Board no later than (150) days from the effective date of this Order. If indicated, licensee shall undergo a CPEP intervention plan within (180) days of the effective date of this Order. If applicable, licensee shall cause CPEP to send a copy of the intervention plan to the Board no later than (220) days from the effective date of this Order. Licensee shall successfully complete the intervention activities set out in the intervention plan, including any final evaluation, within the time set out by CPEP, but in no event, more than (2) years from the effective date of this Order, unless otherwise indicated by CPEP.

Jonathan S. Weiss, M.D. License #7552 - Hampstead, NH
12/16/02 - Decision and Order. Professional misconduct regarding medical record keeping for (6) patients. Fine imposed in amount of $400.00 for each patient medical record, for a total of $2400.00. Fine to be paid within (60) days of the date of order.

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