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Board Actions - 2001

Geoffrey Lundy, M.D. License #9840 Manchester, NH
1/5/01 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand. Habitual user of alcohol.
11/19/01 - Order Amending Settlement Agreement - The Board grants Mr. Cunningham's request to change the frequency of Dr. Lundy's psychotherapy or counseling sessions from one time per week to once every other week.

Mark E Logan, M.D. License #6928 Lebanon,NH
9/23/99 - Order of Conditional Approval. Granted a training license that allows him to practice only as a Medical Resident in the Pathology Residency Program on the main campus of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon.
1/17/01 - Order of Conditional Denial of License.
5/16/01 - Order Of The Board. Final Order Denying License. Appeal has been withdrawn.
07/27/01-Dr. Logan requesting a reconsideration of the Board's "Final Order Denying License" in New Hampshire. This request is denied.

Joseph Migliore, M.D. License #8827 Durham, NH
2/9/01 - Settlement Agreement - 180 day suspension. Inappropriate prescriptive practices.

Benjamin Weinberg, M.D. License #10837 Springfield, MA
1/14/00 - Order of Conditional Approval. License granted with restrictions to include monitoring of substance abuse.
2/9/01 - Order Amending Agreement. Agreement amended by changing the frequency of random testing from a weekly to a monthly basis.

Barbara Kolinsky, PA License #0041 Berlin, NH
2/13/01 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand. Habitual user of alcohol.
(Also see action in 2002)

Christopher P. Corcoran, M.D. License #6691 Northwood, NH
2/13/01 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand and 20 hours of CMEs for alleged failure to adhere to an appropriate standard of care in the treatment of one patient.

Neil M. Martin, M.D. License #7129 Exeter, NH
3/15/01 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand. Failure to adhere to an appropriate standard of care of a patient.

Gregory M. Lynch, M.D. License #8168 Derry, NH
3/21/01 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand. Delay in a Cesarean section causing baby to be born in a vegetative state and, eventually, die.
(Also see action in 2002)

William J. Willitts, M.D. License #5855 Manchester, NH
3/18/99 - Order of Revocation. License revoked pursuant to RSA 161-B:11, IV, failure to comply with a legal order of child support.
2/14/01 - Reinstatement of License Denied.
4/6/01 - Motion for Reconsideration Denied.

James P. Kartell, M.D. License #5263 Andover, MA
3/18/99 - Settlement Agreement. Voluntarily surrendered his physician's license pending a misconduct investigation from the discharge of a firearm and an alleged homicide therefore.
4/4/01 - Settlement Agreement - Revoked. Arrested and charged with murder. Later convicted of voluntary manslaughter.

Jeffrey Haines, M.D. License #7541 Sunapee, NH
4/04/01 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimanded. Respondent violated the boundaries of the doctor/patient relationship.

John B. Welch, M.D. License #7422 Concord, NH
5/03/01 - Settlement Agreement- Emergency Suspension. Respondent engaged in professional misconduct.
5/25/01 - Order Continuing Suspension of License.

Thomas L. Meyer, M.D. License #6953 Rochester, NH
2/12/92 - Order. Licensee reprimanded and restrictions placed on license based on allegation of unprofessional conduct. Restrictions include a requirement for treatment of female patients only when a nurse or other female attendant is present in the outer office, continuing medical education on transference and counter-transference and supervision of his practice.
2/18/93 - Amendment to Disciplinary Order. Dr. Meyer's petition was granted with regard to the elimination of the ongoing psychotherapy requirement and the 2/12/92 order was modified to delete Paragraph II-C.
12/31/97 - Recommended Decision. Hearing officer recommends that, following a 60-day transition period, Dr. Meyer's license be restricted to preclude any psychotherapy or other treatment of private patients which is not supervised by another psychiatrist.
4/8/98 - Decision and Order. Based on allegations of unprofessional conduct in the treatment of 2 female patients, license restricted to require supervision of all treatment of female psychotherapy patients.
5/8/01 - Order of the Board- Motion to Terminate Supervision. Motion denied.
8/8/01 - Order of the Board - Motion for Reconsideration of Denial of Motion to Terminate Supervision. Motion denied.
(Also see action in 2002)

Albert M. Ghassemian, M.D. License #9770 Methuen, MA
7/24/00 - Order for Temporary Suspension of License and Show Cause Hearing. License suspended for 120 days pending Disciplinary Hearing based on action taken by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine.
5/08/01 - Order Of The Board. License Suspended. The hearing on this matter is scheduled for June 6, 2001. Final decision is pending.
10/31/01 - Order - Suspension of License. The Board finds that Dr. Ghasemian has demonstrated impaired judgment, impulsivity, inability to think in a flexible manner limiting his ability to integrate new information, a tendency to become overwhelmed when faced with complex and/or ambiguous tasks, and a significant lack of capacity for self which raises a concern as to whether he is capable of continuing to practice medicine in a safe manner. The Board finds that Dr. Ghassemian poses an immediate danger to his patients. These findings are derived from the information received from Massachusetts. The Board further finds that Dr. Ghassemian's behavior, specifically the violent threats he allegedly made against employees of a health care insurer, constitutes unprofessional conduct in violation of RSA 329: 17, (d).

Deborah A. Nash, P.A. License #T-083 Portsmouth, NH
5/24/01 - Order Terminating Temporary License. Applicant Failed the NCCPA examination, information of Exam results received at the Board on May 22, 2001.

Sankar N. Banerjee, M.D. License #8871 Exeter, NH
9/24/99 - Order of Revocation. License revoked effective 9/2/99 for providing the Board with inaccurate and incorrect information on his 1999 license renewal application.
5/25/01 - Order Of Conditional Denial. Applicant must request a hearing to show cause why he should not be denied a license within thirty (30) days. Applicant can reapply for reinstatement at such time as he can provide proof of completing additional training or continuing medical education in the areas in which the applicant has been found deficient.
(Also see action in 2002)

James Butler, M.D. License #4647 Manchester, NH
5/29/01 - Order of the Board. Dr. Butler engaged in professional misconduct within the meaning of RSA 329:17 VI (d) by failing to properly read a pathology report and by failing to report the correlation between the neck mass and the cancer found on patient's tongue on two occasions. Dr. Butler engaged in unprofessional conduct within the meaning of RSA 329:VI(d) By divulging privileged medical information
7/27/01 - Order Vacating Rulings of Law #3 on the Board's Order of May 30, 2001, which states, "Dr. Butler engaged in unprofessional conduct within the meaning of RSA 329:VI(d) by divulging privileged medical information about P.C. to Mrs. P.C. without the express permission of P.C.
9/11/01 - Order of the Board. Reprimand. Dr. Butler shall furnish a copy of this Order to any current employer, and state licensing, certification or credentialing authority and to any which he may apply for employment and/or privileges. This must be complied with for a period of twelve (12) months from the effective date of this order.
9/11/01 - Order Granting Motion To Seal. Motion to Seal is granted. The Board issued an Order dated May 30, 2001, whereby Dr. Butler was required to submit to a complete neurological-psychological test, including an assessment of any cognitive deficits, within ninety (90) days from the date of that Order. Dr. Butler has completed the above mentioned test and submitted the results to the Board for it's review.

George J. Bower, M.D. License #7676 Milford, NH
6/13/01 - Settlement Agreement- Reprimanded, 25 Hours of continuing medical education within twelve (12) months of the effective date of agreement. Must submit proof within fourteen (14) days of completion.

W. Myric Wood, M.D. License #3403 Lebanon, NH
6/15/01 - Settlement Agreement - Dr. Wood practiced medicine without a valid medical license. Reprimanded, fined $600.00, Board granted Dr. Wood's application for re-instatement of his medical license through 6/30/02 immediately upon execution of this agreement.

Greg R. Thompson, M.D. License #6720 Plaistow, NH
7/3/97 - Decision and Order. License revoked effective September 2, 1997, based on allegations of sexual misconduct. May reapply for licensure after 4 years.
6/22/99 - Decision and Order. License revoked.
10/22/99 - Order of Conditional Approval. Dr. Thompson received a license to practice with conditions.
8/10/00 - Order for Conditional Approval. License granted with conditions.
7/27/01 - Order Removing Restrictions. Dr. Thompson's license is a full and unrestricted license.

Robert D. Yager, M.D. License #6752 Nashua, NH
11/3/92 - Settlement Agreement. Voluntary surrender of license in lieu of formal disciplinary action based on allegations of sexual misconduct.
12/7/99 Order of Conditional Approval. Application approved subject to conditions.
9/11/01 - Order Removing Restrictions - The Board issued an Order of Conditional Approval of Dr. Yager's license in December 1999. Dr. Yager has asked for the removal of the remaining restrictions because he has been practicing under supervision since July 2000, has submitted four (4) quarterly reports from the supervision physician and has been in compliance with his agreement. Board granted Dr. Robert Yager's license full and unrestricted.

Josefina Pilpil-Arambulo, M.D. License #4970 Bedford, NH
9/11/01 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand, Dr. Pilpil - Arambulo acted unprofessional and in violation of RSA 329:17, VI (d). Dr. Pilpil-Arambulo shall furnish a copy of the Settlement agreement to employer, any state licensing, certification or credentialing authority to which she may apply for employment and/or privileges or to any current employer or credentialing authority. This must be complied with within thirty (30) days and for a period of twelve (12) months from the effective date of this agreement.

William T. Larney, M.D. License # 6484 Nashua, NH
10/11/01 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand, Failure to properly treat patient.

David W. Fagell, M.D. License #3576 Lynnfield, MA
10/11/01 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand. Dr. Fagell committed professional misconduct pursuant to RSA 329: 17, VI (a) in that he knowingly provided false information on renewal applications. Additionally, it is alleged that Dr. Fagell committed unprofessional conduct pursuant to RSA 329:17, VI (d) in that he engaged in dishonest conduct.
11/14/01 - Order Granting Motion to Clarify and Amend Settlement Agreement.

James M. Ballou III, M.D. License # 4343 Keene, NH
10/11/01 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand. Dr. Ballou committed gross negligence in practicing medicine contrary to RSA 329:17, VI (d) in his medical treatment of a patient.

C. Frederick Lord, M.D. License #7175
6/16/95 - Settlement Agreement. License restricted for 3 years to require monitoring for substance abuse based on voluntary admission to treatment program.
11/19/01 - Consent Decree -Reciprocal action from Vermont regarding the quality of care rendered by Dr. Lord to eleven surgical and/or orthopedic patients. Fined $ 1,000.00, Licensed restricted - Dr. Lord shall not provide any surgical care to any patients as a primary surgeon in the State of New Hampshire.

Marcos U. Ramos, M.D. License #6666 Gilford, NH
3/4/99 - Order for Emergency Suspension and Notice of Hearing. License suspended up to 120 days pending hearing to determine whether Dr. Ramos has engaged in professional misconduct.
4/27/99 - Order on Continuance. License remains suspended pending completion of MA Board of Registration in Medicine proceedings.
11/14/01 - Settlement Agreement - License Revoked. On June 21, 2001, Dr. Ramos was convicted of eleven felony counts of indecent assault and battery in the state of Massachusetts. The crimes were committed in the context of the physician - patient relationship. The victims were patients of Dr. Ramos. Dr. Ramos was sentenced to a prison term of three to five years. He is serving this time at the Massachusetts Correctional Institution, Cedar Junction. While engaging in the activity underlying the criminal convictions, as described above, the Respondent violated the provisions of RSA 329:17, VI (d) and (j).

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