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Board Actions - 2000

John S. Mitchell, M.D. License #7446 Salem, NH
1/7/00 - Settlement Agreement. Reprimand for boundary violation with a patient.

Benjamin Weinberg, M.D. License #10837 Springfield, MA
1/14/00 - Order of Conditional Approval. License granted with restrictions to include monitoring of substance abuse.
(Also see action in 2001)

Harry L. Bush, M.D. Hasting-on-Hudson, NY
2/17/00 - Order of Conditional Denial. License denied based on action taken by the New York Board.

Paul Weinstein, M.D. License #10850 North Andover, MA
3/10/00 - Order. License granted with restrictions to include a monitoring of medical practice for 12 months. He may not practice medicine in an emergency room setting until he is re-certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine.
(Also see action in 2002)

Jens Lauridsen, M.D. Andover, MA
2/7/00 - Order of Conditional Denial. Application for Locum Tenens License denied. Does not meet requirements.
3/10/00 - Order. Locum Tenens License denied. Does not meet requirements.
(Also see action in 2002)

Carl S. Giffin, M.D. License #10851 Exeter, NH
3/10/00 - Order of Conditional Approval. License approved with the condition Dr. Giffin pass the American Board of Preventive Medicine prior to March 1, 2001.

Alan E. Awrich, M.D. License #6388
2/17/97 - Settlement Agreement. License suspended for 30 days and restrictions imposed based on allegations of inappropriate prescribing. Restrictions include passage of state controlled drug law examination, use of duplicate, sequentially numbers prescription blanks and monitoring for substance abuse.
4/5/00 - Stipulation Amendment/Modification to Settlement Agreement. Paragraph 7.d. and 7.e. are vacated and replaced with new paragraphs 7.d. and 7.e.

Jonathan M. Ross, M.D. License #6679 Lebanon, NH
4/7/00 - Settlement Agreement. License suspended for 6 months with a $5,000 fine for unprofessional conduct.

Lynn T. Shepler, M.D. Goffstown, NH
4/11/00 - Order of Denial. Locum Tenens Application denied based on failure to appear at a hearing being held at her request, based on an Order to Show Cause issued by the Board on 1/14/00.

Philip S. Horner, M.D. License #9248 Barrington, NH
10/26/99 - Stipulation as to Voluntary Temporary Surrender of Medical License. Voluntarily surrendered his license in lieu of the Board seeking an Order of Emergency Suspension until at least April 30, 2000.
06/01/00 - Voluntary Surrender of License. Voluntarily surrendered license in lieu of the Board pursuing disciplinary action.

Peter D. Lundquist, M.D. License #9164 Nashua, NH
6/16/00 - Settlement Agreement. Reprimand and ten hours of CMEs for alleged failure to adhere to an appropriate standard of care in the treatment of one patient.
11/6/00 - Order Recognizing Compliance with Certain Aspects of Settlement Agreement.

William S. Grass, M.D. License #10982 Burlington, VT
6/20/00 - Order of Conditional Approval. License granted with conditions based on action taken by the Vermont Board of Medicine.

Albert M. Ghassemian, M.D. License #9770 Salem, NH
7/24/00 - Order for Temporary Suspension of License and Show Cause Hearing. License suspended for 120 days pending Disciplinary Hearing based on action taken by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine.
(Also see action in 2001)

Greg R. Thompson, M.D. License #6720
7/3/97 - Decision and Order. License revoked effective September 2, 1997, based on allegations of sexual misconduct. May reapply for licensure after 4 years.
6/22/99 - Decision and Order. License revoked.
10/22/99 - Order of Conditional Approval. Dr. Thompson received a license to practice with conditions.
8/10/00 - Order for Conditional Approval. License granted with conditions.
(Also see action in 2001)

Michael A. Leone, M.D. License #RT-364
8/22/00 - Order Retroactively Revoking Residency Training License, effective 2/4/98. Arrested and convicted of a felony related to unauthorized professional use of narcotics while holding a Resident Training License.
9/1/00 - Errata. This errata adds the docket number to the 8/22/00 order and corrects the license number indicated on the 8/22/00 order.
10/11/00 - Order Upon Reconsideration. Reprimand and Board finds grounds to revoke Dr. Leone's license. Dr. Leone's license expired by its own terms prior to the date of this order.

L. Andre Perron, M.D. License #3316 Manchester, NH
6/8/98 - Order of Emergency License Suspension and Notice of Hearing. License suspended for 120 days or until completion of disciplinary hearing on allegations of practicing while impaired by alcohol.
9/11/98 - Consent Decree. License reinstated effective 10/1/98 pending compliance with license restrictions to include treatment and monitoring for substance abuse.
9/3/99 - Order of Denial. Licensee's Petition for Modification of Agreement is denied.
9/1/00 - Order of Revocation of License. License revoked for failure to comply with a prior Consent Decree, requiring among other things that he abstain from alcohol consumption.

Loren A. Landis, M.D. License #9761 Brattleboro, VT
9/8/00 - Order for Suspension of Medical License effective 9/22/00. License suspended pending completion of continuing medical education credits required for the June 30, 2000 renewal of license. Physician was granted an extension but failed to meet the September 1, 2000 deadline. License suspended 4:00 PM 9/22/00.

Brent Woodfield, M.D. Chatham, MA
10/10/00 - Decision and Order - Application for medical license denied.

Lawrence N. Gray, M.D. License #7057 Portsmouth, NH
11/07/00 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand for acting unprofessionally by performing blepharoplasty laser surgery on the eyelids of a patient without the use of laser safety eyewear resulting in small corneal scars to patient.

Suzanne V. Wolanin-Saifi, M.D. License #LT-1518 Reading, PA
11/08/00 - Final Decision and Order Denying Medical License - Failed to pass step 1 of the USMLE exam within three attempts as required by the New Hampshire Code of Administrative Rules MED 303.01 (d).
12/15/00 - Order Denying Medical License - Application for medical license denied.

Craig L. Paulshock, M.D. License #7465 Celebration, FL
11/14/00 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand. During the course of a wrongful death lawsuit against the Dr. Paulshock and Atlantic Anesthesia, Dr. Paulshock and his counsel acted negligently by permitting a delay in the delivery of documents to opposing counsel regarding his evaluation of Nurse Anesthetist Jackson, under his supervision, who was responsible for administering medication to the deceased.

Mark K. Detweiler, M.D. License #6919 Derry, NH
12/13/00 - Settlement Agreement - Reprimand. Unprofessional behavior towards a colleague.

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