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Board Actions - 1999

Paul A. Tessier, M.D. License #4551 Portsmouth, NH
1/8/99 - Settlement Agreement. Administrative fine of one thousand dollars and a reprimand for providing false information on his 1997 renewal application.

Jeffrey S. Shapiro, M.D. License #5867 Hampstead, NH
2/10/99 - Decision and Order. Professional misconduct involving the financial exploitation of two patients and inappropriate prescribing of controlled medications to two patients; refusal to provide a patient with medical records; and unauthorized disclosure of confidential patient information.
2/17/99 - Errata. This errata fixes typographical errors which do not affect the substance of the Board's decision.

Henry D. Astarjian, M.D. License #5447 Nashua, NH
4/8/98 - Settlement Agreement. License suspended, effective 5/23/98, for 18 months based on allegations of unprofessional conduct. All but 14 days of the suspension term is stayed pending completion of an ethics course and further continuing education in professional boundaries.
10/13/98 - Order on Motion for Extension. Request for an extension of the time to complete the ProBE course required in the Settlement Agreement. Motion denied.
12/8/98 - Order on Motion for Reconsideration. Motion denied.
2/19/99 - Order. Dr. Astarjian's license is reinstated. The terms and conditions of the Settlement Agreement dated 4/8/98 remain in effect.

Robert B. Myers, M.D. License #7883 Nashua, NH
2/20/99 - Settlement Agreement. License suspended for two months. One-month suspension to be served 3/1/99 - 3/31/99 and fifty hours continuing medical education for professional misconduct in the quality of care of a patient.

Prem L. Jain, M.D. License #4128 Dickinson, TX
3/2/99 - Decision and Order. Restrictions placed on license based on action taken by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners.

Marcos U. Ramos, M.D. License #6666 Gilford, NH
3/4/99 - Order for Emergency Suspension and Notice of Hearing. License suspended up to 120 days pending hearing to determine whether Dr. Ramos has engaged in professional misconduct.
4/27/99 - Order on Continuance. License remains suspended pending completion of MA Board of Registration in Medicine proceedings.
(Also see action in 2001)

George E.B. Quinn, M.D. License #2496 Farmington, NH
3/9/99 - Decision and Order. License restricted to prevent Dr. Quinn from administering, distributing, or prescribing scheduled drugs (including authorizing the renewal or refill of any existing prescription). License is suspended until Dr. Quinn has taken and passed the Special Purpose Examination (SPEX) and to file with the Board proof that he has passed the SPEX before April 1, 2000. Dr. Quinn must submit to formal neurological testing and provide the results to the Board for review before April 1, 2000.

Robert H. Arbuckle, M.D. License #5735 Laconia, NH
3/12/99 - Settlement Agreement. Reprimand for professional misconduct in the treatment of one patient.
8/5/99 - Emergency Suspension. Temporary suspension pending a hearing on whether permanent disciplinary sanctions should be imposed.
9/7/99 - Consent Decree. Effective 9/4/99 license reinstated. Must participate in the New Hampshire Physician Health Program administered by the New Hampshire Medical Society.

James P. Kartell, M.D. License #5263 Nashua, NH
3/18/99 - Settlement Agreement. Voluntarily surrendered his physician's license pending a misconduct investigation from the discharge of a firearm and an alleged homicide therefore.
(Also see action in 2001)

Fathi A. El-Kurd, M.D. License #5793 Bedford, NH
3/18/99 - Consent Decree. Physician agreed to accept an administrative fine of one thousand dollars and a reprimand for professional misconduct relating to whether a full medical exam had been preformed on a patient.

William J. Willitts, M.D. License #5855 Manchester, NH
3/18/99 - Order of Revocation. License revoked pursuant to RSA 161-B:11, IV, failure to comply with a legal order of child support.
(Also see action in 2001)

Laura Kaitz, P.A. – License # 0130 Hopkinton, NH 03229
04/13/99 – Licensee was reprimanded and issued a $500.00 fine for practicing without a license between January 1, 1999 and at least March 19, 1999.

Lieselotte Suskind, M.D. License #9609 Haverhill, MA
4/19/99 - Consent Decree. Reprimand based on action taken by the Massachusetts State Board of Registration in Medicine.

Michelle Lackovic, M.D. License#8314 Charlestown, NH
4/27/99 - Settlement Agreement. Reprimand for writing controlled substance prescriptions after her Drug Enforcement Administration registration number had expired.

Michael W. Yushak, M.D. License #6368 Claremont, NH
5/21/99 - Settlement Agreement. Restrictions on license, shall not perform category III obstetrical procedures.

James G. LoDolce, M.D. License #10141 Manlius, NY
5/25/99 - Consent Decree. Five year stayed suspension based on action taken by the New York State Board for Professional Misconduct.

Barbara C. Lohn, M.D. License #10124 Lebanon, NH
6/3/99 - Settlement Agreement. Reprimand for improperly electronically accessing confidential medical information on three individuals, who were not her patients.

Greg R. Thompson, M.D. License #6720
7/3/97 - Decision and Order. License revoked effective September 2, 1997, based on allegations of sexual misconduct. May reapply for licensure after 4 years.
6/22/99 - Decision and Order. License revoked.
10/22/99 - Order of Conditional Approval. Dr. Thompson received a license to practice with conditions.
(Also see action in 2000)

L. Andre Perron, M.D. License #3316 Manchester, NH
6/8/98 - Order of Emergency License Suspension and Notice of Hearing. License suspended for 120 days or until completion of disciplinary hearing on allegations of practicing while impaired by alcohol.
9/11/98 - Consent Decree. License reinstated effective 10/1/98 pending compliance with license restrictions to include treatment and monitoring for substance abuse.
9/3/99 - Order of Denial. Licensee's Petition for Modification of Agreement is denied.
(Also see action in 2000)

Mark Logan, M.D. License #RT 815 Lebanon, NH
9/23/99 - Order of Conditional Approval. Granted a training license that allows him to practice only as a Medical Resident in the Pathology Residency Program on the main campus of the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon.
(Also see action in 2001)

Sankar N. Banerjee, M.D. License #8871 Nashua, NH
9/24/99 - Order of Revocation. License revoked effective 9/2/99 for providing the Board with inaccurate and incorrect information on his 1999 license renewal application.
(Also see action in 2001)

Bijoy L. Kundu, M.D. License #5387 Manchester, NH
9/2/93 - Settlement Agreement. Based on allegations of improper billing and treatment, license restricted to require continuing medical education in risk management and board review of all patient records on a random basis.
10/08/99 - Settlement Agreement. Fourteen-month suspension, all but 60 days stayed, minus the three weeks already served. One thousand-dollar fine. Implement practice management policies, training and education in proper billing and medical record documentation.

Kevin M. Kendall, M.D. License #10774 Freeport, ME
10/6/99 - Order of Conditional Approval. License granted with the requirement he be monitored for substance abuse.

Mark N. Strecker, M.D. License #8649 Nashua, NH
10/26/99 - Decision and Order. License suspended for 36 months with 24 months stayed for professional misconduct by engaging in sexual contact with a female patient.

Philip S. Horner, M.D. License #9248 Barrington, NH
10/26/99 - Stipulation as to Voluntary Temporary Surrender of Medical License. Voluntarily surrendered his license in lieu of the Board seeking an Order of Emergency Suspension until at least April 30, 2000.
(Also see action in 2000)

John A. Savoy, M.D. License #7695 Lebanon, NH
11/12/99 - Settlement Agreement. Reprimand for providing privileged medical information to a patient's employer.

Roy A. Hepner, M.D. License #8082 Somersworth, NH
12/3/99 Settlement Agreement. Reprimand and five hundred-dollar fine for professional misconduct in the treatment of four patients.

Robert D. Yager, M.D. License #6752
11/3/92 - Settlement Agreement. Voluntary surrender of license in lieu of formal disciplinary action based on allegations of sexual misconduct.
12/7/99 Order of Conditional Approval. Application approved subject to conditions.
(Also see action in 2001)

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