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Board Actions - 1993

Albert John Murphy, M.D. License #3566
2/3/93 - Settlement Agreement. Restrictions placed on license based on abuse of alcohol.
(Also see action in 1995)

Thomas L. Meyer, M.D. License #6953
2/12/92 - Order. Licensee reprimanded and restrictions placed on license based on allegation of unprofessional conduct. Restrictions include a requirement for treatment of female patients only when a nurse or other female attendant is present in the outer office, continuing medical education on transference and counter-transference and supervision of his practice.
2/18/93 - Amendment to Disciplinary Order. Dr. Meyer's petition was granted with regard to the elimination of the ongoing psychotherapy requirement and the 2/12/92 order was modified to delete Paragraph II-C.
(Also see action in 1997)

Howard Michael Skopec, M.D. License #4829
6/8/93 - Decision and Order. License revoked based on disciplinary action taken in California for sexual misconduct.

David A. Stead, M.D. License #7507
5/17/90 - Decision and Order. License suspended for 90 days based on allegations of illegal prescribing and impairment by controlled substances.
7/26/90 - Hearing Order. Board ordered Dr. Stead to appear before the Board on 8/8/90.
8/31/90 - Further Decision and Order. Licensee reprimanded and restrictions placed on license including requirements for the use of triplicate prescriptions, participation in a substance abuse treatment program and psychiatric treatment.
6/11/93 - Order of Clarification and Modification of Compliance Date. Board gave Dr. Stead until July 6, 1993 to submit an original and eight copies of a full psychiatric evaluation in which his treating psychologist has participated.
7/19/93 - Order. Board ordered Dr. Stead to comply with the Consent Decree by September 1, 1999 or he would be in default of that decree and further disciplinary proceedings shall be scheduled.

Francis Lawrence Turner, M.D. License #3998
8/24/93 - Decision and Order. License revoked based on reciprocal disciplinary action taken in Vermont.

Bijoy L. Kundu, M.D. License #5387 Issued: 8/7/75
9/2/93 - Settlement Agreement. Based on allegations of improper billing and treatment, license restricted to require continuing medical education in risk management and board review of all patient records on a random basis.
(Also see action in 1999)

Alfred L. Weber, M.D. License #3479 Issued: 9/13/61
10/11/93 - Settlement Agreement. License suspended for 6 months based on provision of false information on a license application.

Demetrios Krinos, M.D. License #4664
11/13/90- Decision and Order. Based on allegations of inappropriate prescribing, the license was suspended for five years. The final four years of suspension were stayed pending compliance with license restrictions, including the prohibition from applying for a DEA license, successful completion of an examination on the controlled substances laws of the state and successful participation in a substance abuse treatment program.
2/5/92 - License Reinstated with restrictions.
11/9/93 - Decision and Order. License revoked based on allegations of sexual misconduct.

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