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About the Board
Board Actions - 1992

George Leslie Adams, M.D. License #7979
1/17/92 - Request for Hearing delayed pending outcome of appeal in Texas of criminal conviction for fraud.

Demetrios Krinos, M.D. License #4664
11/13/90- Decision and Order. Based on allegations of inappropriate prescribing, the license was suspended for five years. The final four years of suspension were stayed pending compliance with license restrictions, including the prohibition from applying for a DEA license, successful completion of an examination on the controlled substances laws of the state and successful participation in a substance abuse treatment program.
2/5/92 - License Reinstated with restrictions.
(Also see action in 1993)

Thomas L. Meyer, M.D. License #6953
2/12/92 - Order. Licensee reprimanded and restrictions placed on license based on allegation of unprofessional conduct. Restrictions include a requirement for treatment of female patients only when a nurse or other female attendant is present in the outer office, continuing medical education on transference and counter-transference and supervision of his practice.
(Also see action in 1993)

Donald Pugatch, M.D. License #4951
3/4/92 - License surrendered pending investigation and possible disciplinary action.

John Wang, M.D. License #6767
7/20/88 - Suspension of M.D. license - Emergency suspension based on revocation of license Massachusetts. 7/27/88 - Hillsborough Superior Court - Temporary Injunction issued which restrained the board from enforcing its emergency suspension.
3/5/92 - License revoked, effective 4/12/92, based on allegations of unprofessional and negligent practices, failure to maintain medical records and failure to respond to Board inquiries.
8/26/92 - Supreme Court, decision affirmed.

Christopher W. Wiley, M.D. License #8836
10/23/92 - Order of Conditional Approval. Restrictions placed on initial license based on history of substance abuse.

Robert D. Yager, M.D. License #6752
11/3/92 - Settlement Agreement. Voluntary surrender of license in lieu of formal disciplinary action based on allegations of sexual misconduct.
(Also see action in 1999)

Peter W. Thompson, M.D. License #8870
12/7/92 - Order of Conditional Approval. Restrictions placed on initial licensure based on history of substance abuse.
(Also see action in 1995)

Robert W. Ferrell, Jr., M.D.
3/20/91 - Application for Licensure Denied based on disciplinary action in Massachusetts for unprofessional conduct with a female psychiatric patient.
12/7/92 - Order. Motion to withdraw application is granted.

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